I am uploading one file to one user multiple times?

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it seems like i am uploading one file to one user multiple times, per the following screenshot.

For example, it is two lines, the progress is different (like 53% one, other is 45% or such), one is with Hub A other is with Hub B. Here is the real screenshot:


What does it mean?

The file size is like 6,09 MiB.  On the above screenshot is shown that i uploaded 6,09 MiB, but when i sort the "Finished uploads" list by filename, i see only two entries for that particular file. One is approx. 300 KiB and other approx. 2Mib. upload, which is strange - upload status on above mentioned screenshot shows approx. 6+5 MiB uploaded, while then "Finished Uploads" shows different values, seems misleading. And i am not alonw who is concerned about this issue, see here.

Also other user is continuously downloading certain list of files so in "Finished uploads" i see that small 10 MiB file as uploaded around 20 times already.

PS: can i set ApexDC to allow only one upload slot per user?

PS2: is anywhere explained [Z][C] parameters of the download/upload progress bar seen on the above screenshot?

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