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UPNP and port forward

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Some think wrong in apexdc with UPNP requesting or recognising real Internet gateway...

I have more that one Network card in my computer, 1 Wireless, 1 NIC Realtek, 1 DVB-S (SKYSTAR2) Sattelite tunner and 1 FIREWIRE...

Realy I using Realtek default card but other card like SkyStar2 have static IP address and how many times running ApexDC, so UPNP setting port forward from my router to SkyStar2 card IP address... :)

Maby is something what I don't know about settings, but... I think that ApexDC++ realy don't resolve real Network card where is set internet gateway...

So, If that possible, please correct that issue in UPNP port forward and default network card recognition.

A lot of times thanks for that...

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