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ADC /wmp bug or fiches?

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Some /wmp related questions.

I was using ApexDC++ 1.1.0 and kinda noticed some strange stuff in ADC protocol hubs with /wmp parsing.

Firstly, i was connected to adc DShub and used a manually defined media spam string which looks like:

>/me is listening to %[artist] - %[title]

BTW default string uses +me, which is totally unsupported by adc. If we just use +me hub will show us lots of misunderstanding:

>[00:21:12] <DSHub> [command:] +me test +me

>[00:21:13] <DSHub> Unknown Command. Type !help for info.

In CDM debug screen it shows as:

>Hub: [Outgoing][ip] BMSG 2DBD +me\stest\s+me

>Hub: [incoming][ip] EMSG DCBA 2DBD [command:]\s+me\stest\s+me

>Hub: [incoming][ip] EMSG DCBA 2DBD Unknown\sCommand.\sType\s!help\sfor\sinfo.

So that's what happens in the mainchat:

>[23:40:56] * AirstrikeD is just using /me

>[23:41:13] * AirstrikeD is using /wmp again

>[23:41:17] <AirstrikeD> /me is listening to Pink Floyd - Have a Cigar

And that is what is happening in CDM debug screen:

>Hub: [Outgoing][ip] BMSG 2DBD is\sjust\susing\s/me ME1

>Hub: [incoming][ip] BMSG 2DBD is\sjust\susing\s/me ME1

>Hub: [Outgoing][ip] BMSG 2DBD is\susing\s/wmp\sagain ME1

>Hub: [incoming][ip] BMSG 2DBD is\susing\s/wmp\sagain ME1

>Hub: [Outgoing][ip] BMSG 2DBD /me\sis\slistening\sto\sPink\sFloyd\s-\sHave\sa\sCigar

>Hub: [incoming][ip] BMSG 2DBD /me\sis\slistening\sto\sPink\sFloyd\s-\sHave\sa\sCigar

As we see in first cases it uses ME1 in the end of text string it sends to server. Parsing of incoming ME1 is client-sided and user sees a correct IRC-like/NMDC-like look of what he has typed in before. But while using /wmp it sends out and gets back from server the raw string. Could this be fixed?

Another question. The basic /wmp is asking WMP for %artist% tag. WMP11 utilizes tags "Contributing artist" and "Album artist" to store artist info. The first represents the performer of the track itself, the second denotes the album\compilation\set\whatsoever performer. If we use mp3tag tool ( for someone's further investigaion) we'll see that this info is stored in fields %artist% and %band% respectively and somehow is embedded within the file. However, Apex seems to be using "Album artist" contents only as %artist% to display, which is kinda wrong. Is it normal and can it be changed?

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