Windows routing script for LANs

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To prevent the questions: My ISP uses the PPTP to share the Internet. If I have no routes sat and make up the PPTP, the tunnel is unstable and slow, no connectivity to the LAN, DNS requests are slow. IF I USE ROUTES, THERE IS 50-70 Mbits/s AVERAGE DOWNLOAD DC++ SPEED IN LAN!!! UPLOAD SPEED IS UP TO 95 Mbits/s.

The attached version is 12.0.2

Many ISPs use additional connections like ppp, pppoe, IPSec tunnels. So there is routing table tune is needed to prevent downloading through the tunnels because of the automated ' mask through the PPP gateway' route adding.

If you need LAN you should use ' route' or ' route'. This makes operating system use your LAN connection but the tunnels.

All of used routes got with RFCs:

https://www.nic.ru/whois/en/?query= - http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc1918.html

and others...

Also there can be your own LAN routes (like for me. Those addresses are routable through my ISP LAN - name servers, ISP sites, ISP DC, VoIP, torrent and other stuff servers). So you can post your additions here but you should use the PM.


1) I need to watch your cmd output after 'nslookup .' command line execution. (Yes, there is a dot. The dot is the root of the national domain zones)

2) I need the destination address, mask and metric for this route like ' 1' or ' metric 1'

3) Post this data to my PM (the best way), to this tread (deprecated way).


1) Full: Win 2k/XP any SP 32bit

2) Partially: Vista and Server 2008 32bit - if you pass through the idiot defence system, the routes will be sat.

3) Not tested: Win 9x/ME/NT, 64bit

4) Not tested: posix systems through the Wine to watch the script abilities - but the routes won't be added.


1) Vista/Server 2008 - I hope someone will help me to pass through the idiot Vista defence - idea or the CMD code.

2) That can be great if you patch or graduate the script - use PM to merge.

3) Win9x - does it work under the Win 9x/ME/NT4???

4) Other versions of the Windows


- 12.0.2: LAN gateway addresses are marked now as LAN (for example, - any address from

- 12.0.1: bugfix: gateway addresses are all shown now. Not only the last from ipconfig output.

- 12.0.0: the code is rewritten throughout. More automated and more reliable.

- 10.0.29: there it Bulgarian language now.

- 10.0.28: the dinamic menu key grabber is rewritten with assembler and the IPv6 check is also rewritten.

This script comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; view the http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html for details. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions; view the http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html for details.


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Cheers for updating the script Olorin, I've changed the topic title as requested. :)

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