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Command Aliases

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Could you implement something like mIRC aliases?

It works like this:

1. user types in something like: /aliasss 1 2 3 (params)

2. ApexDC looks up in its aliases list to find alias named 'aliasss' and if it does, it executes command(s) associated with that alias

the list of aliases could be something like:

<alias_name1> <alias_definition1>

<alias_name2> <alias_definition2>

<alias_name3> <alias_definition3>

for example:

/kick !kick [%1] [%2]

/reg !regnew [%1] 1|!regpass [%1] [%2]

/slap +me slaps [%1] with a [%file:slaps.txt]


- alias "/kick" has 2 params (nick and reason) so you would simply type: /kick nick reason

- alias "/reg" has also 2 params (nick and password) but it has 2 commands to execute in order to register one new nick, meaning, if we type "/reg nick pass" it will execute these commands: "!regnew nick 1" and "!regpass nick pass"

- alias "/slap" has 1 param (nick) and has another parameter [%file:filename] which reads a random text line from a file named <filename> which is located in the root of apex installation folder (in this example "slaps.txt")

I think this would be a very nice and user friendly feature, allowing users to have some fun on hubs while downloading what they want :thumbsup: and the most important part is, you don't need to use your mouse every often, since you can do most of action by typing aliases on your keyboard..

Thanks in advance.

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