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[BUG][1.1.0]Usercommands and ADC hubs

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Call me stupid, but I never understood why usercommands cannot be made to work on ADC hubs as well. Of course, I do realize that there is a different protocol to send them with, but that can be adjusted for automatic detection, right ?

...which brings me to the bug I noticed. I was wondering whether or not someone has included some "hidden coding" and made usercommands work with ADC hubs. I therefore created a usercommand and forced it to run on an ADC hub (by typing the hub address in the "Hub IP/DNS" box, with adc:// protocol identifier and all). To my great surprise, the usercommand actually did appear in the hub user menu (as I instructed it to), but, as one can imagine, it was attempting to send the NMDC version of the command. Needless to say that the hub's last words before disconnecting were "Client sent weird data, protocol error..."

So there you have it, in a wrap: usercommands do not appear on ADC hubs unless you specifically input the hub's address in the "Hub IP/DNS" box, which shouldn't happen, since it is trying to send the NMDC version of the usercommand to the hub.

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