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Frequent Crash

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Hi, My dc has been crashing frequently and in shorter spans of time. Pasted below is the entire error message that is isplayed when my dc crashes. Anh help on how to solve this will be appreciated. Thank You

Code: c0000005 (Access violation)

Version: 0.4.0 (2006-12-24)

Major: 5

Minor: 1

Build: 2600

SP: 2

Type: 1

Time: 2008-02-12 14:23:04


msxq32!0x100066FA: ?

msxq32!0x1000ADAE: ?

msxq32!0x1000B5BD: ?

d:\cvs\apexdc++\apexdc\client\socket.cpp(352): Socket::write

d:\cvs\apexdc++\apexdc\client\bufferedsocket.cpp(356): BufferedSocket::threadSendFile

d:\cvs\apexdc++\apexdc\client\bufferedsocket.cpp(476): BufferedSocket::checkEvents

d:\cvs\apexdc++\apexdc\client\bufferedsocket.cpp(522): BufferedSocket::run

d:\cvs\apexdc++\apexdc\client\thread.h(133): Thread::starter

f:\rtm\vctools\crt_bld\self_x86\crt\src\threadex.c(348): _callthreadstartex

f:\rtm\vctools\crt_bld\self_x86\crt\src\threadex.c(326): _threadstartex


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