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Found 1 result

  1. Queue bug

    Hi, Short story, I got a big queue, lots of small files which causes problems. 1. it makes queue backup too often... like once every minute and it's noticeable through stuttering on a 3GHz dual core with 2GB of ram. 2. if I press the search button in that moment of backup, ApexDC freezes. I got frozen 3 times the last 10 minutes. void QueueManager::on(TimerManagerListener::Second, uint64_t aTick) throw() { if(dirty && ((lastSave + 10000) < aTick)) { saveQueue(); } 3. Is the above it? 4. Can the Queue.xml be defined in DCPlusPLus.xml becausecause I would like to move it to a RAM drive 3 and 4 are if no one is willing to fix this bug A simple solution to it, would be to increase the timeout to 5 minutes or make a setting for it AND to disable the search button while the backup is in progress. Edit: getQueueFile.... I can't seem to find it. Where is it defined?