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  1. We are pleased to push 1.5.1 as a minor maintenance release and announce our partnership with FlexHub to bring you a new encrypted ADCS hub hosted by TAN. Flexhub is an upcoming hubsoft that aims to please both NMDC and ADC users by allowing them to connect to the same hub. Benefits of FlexHub include easy migration from NMDC to ADC, encrypted communication and transfers, friendly hub controls and active developers. Any hub owners who are tired of using the same old and outdated hub software should give this a try. We will be working closely with the FlexHub Dev team in order to bring new features requiring hubsoft support in 2.0. If you haven't already tried FlexHub, you can download it here (compatible with Windows and Linux). All existing 1.5.0 users will be prompted to auto update soon. For those who are impatient, you can head over to our download page.