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  1. Connection issues: How to get in active mode

    When i do this the port boxes and test connection link become greyed out. If i choose the other 2 radio buttons the test link isn't greyed out bot there are no ports selected. Not sure what ports to enter. I am running a hub on the same computer if that makes any difference. Also i am behind a router but this computer is set to DMZ. So not really sure what to do at this point. Ok i chose the firewall with manual port forwarding and chose some ports. Like a few other people UdP connects and tcp fails.
  2. Hello all

    New to this whole scene. Just spent the last few hours setting up my YnHub and playing with ApexDC. So far it has been alot of fun and seems like the hub and client have vast potential. Only thing i am missing now is a site and forums. Would be cool to have a site that the hub can send stats to and where the community can post questions etc.. Do any of you know of a free web host that i can use. I figure there must be some people here that use free hosting to do the same thing i am talking about. Also i see some of you have links to your hubs in your signature. I have looked at them but none of the info in your hubs really matches the type of info from my hub. How do i make this link that will open your client to my hub? Yes i am a noob with lots to learn :thumbsup: Anyways Greetings and cya around Fileman