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  1. Thank you for the reply. I'll just patch it in a way that helps people with dynamic ip and/or dynamic dns out of timing out, with minimal modification. Of course I'll post the source including plain diffs under gpl (everything I code is GPL'd:)) and you're free to merge it if you like the implementation and think it could be helpful to the rest of the ApexDC userbase without causing any problems or side-effects. :shifty:
  2. Roger that. I will try to time it next time it happens, though maybe it would be easier to just read the source and check the behaviour. That way I could probably tweak it to suit my needs. I wonder if it would be ok with the ApexDC devs to post a link with an ApexDC binary patched that way?
  3. Do you mean the time it takes for the change of the ip to propagate to the DNS servers? If so, it was the first thing I checked and my DNS servers already reflected the new value so the client should have resolved that one. Or maybe you mean it takes time for ApexDC (and every DC client as well) to do another resolve of the DNS name? (Hardcoded interval perhaps?) In any case I did not imply this is an issue with ApexDC only as I did not try another client. In fact I assume the majority of clients would behave like that since they're all forked off the same codebase. If the later is the case then my original suggestion would be twice handy :shifty: EDIT: original feature request even:)
  4. This is weird. After a bit of testing, it seems that while ApexDC is reading the address from the dynamic DNS name, it still fails to change to the new ip in case of the router acquiring a new one (the dynamic DNS A record is updated of course). Connections still time out for some reason and the only way to make it resume is to restart it. Does ApexDC use an internal DNS resolve cache? Or maybe it only resolves the DNS name once and uses the ip internally? These are the only two educated guesses I can make...
  5. I appreciate your warning but I am quite familiar with UPnP and it's implementation. It is very secure in an isolated environment such as the one I use it in. I order for someone to exploit UPnP, they need remote execution or physical access to the network. I'm a game engine developer and I know a fair bit about networking;) Understood. The 3 ports are of course zero'd as the reason I'm doing it that way is having random ports. Again, thanks for your time.
  6. The problem with these settings is that I actually use UPnP to automaticaly forward random ports instead of having specific ports manually port forwarded so the second option you are suggesting will not work in my environment (it's a matter of security). I will try the effects of the first option though as by it's description it shouldn't affect my specific setup. EDIT: After testing it means the 'Don't allow hub/UPnP to override' does exactly that. And it works perfectly now. By its name I thought it meant to prevent UPnP from overriding previously assigned ports (actualy it may do that as well--if someone can confirm please?). Anyhow, thanks for the help Satan:) (Now that sounded funny:p)
  7. Yes, I've screenshotted it bellow. Here I enter my Dynamic DNS And here is checking settings after restarting the client EDIT: Removed images for security reasons as they are not needed anymore.
  8. This is very weird as mine gets resolved...I need to test a bit more on this and I'll get back to you. EDIT: After all possible combinations of suboptions, the DNS name gets resolved into ip no matter what I do. I'm wondering how it is that it works for you...
  9. We were not talking about ip. We were talking about entering a DNS name in the field. Which no matter what, gets translated to an ip the first time it gets resolved. So the solution suggested of using Dynamic DNS services (eg dyndns.org or noip.com) so that you can put a DNS name in the box that always translates to your currently assigned dynamic ip does not work.
  10. No Dynamic DNS services (which I already use) do not help at all. Because ApexDC needs raw ip address. Even if you type a DNS name in the box it automatically gets changed to an ip when it is resolved for the first time. If you are referring to standard DNS then that is not possible with dynamic ip addresses and static is not an option for the majority of broadband users (or it's not cost effective). Because of that my entire network is mapped to my registered domain names via Dynamic DNS. This is a feature most users without static ips, would benefit from.
  11. Sorry for the double request but I didn't see it in the requests. Thanks for the reply:)
  12. Simply because when the external ip changes (due to disconnects/DOS/whatever) the client is stuck until the get ip button is pressed. An option to automatically acquire the external address at fixed intervals (30m/1h/6h/etc) would help.