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  1. ive been trying some client side lua scripts and i get this error commonly [01:32:52] LUA Error: ...\Installed Programs\ApexDC++\scripts\BCDCrazy1.0.lua:93: attempt to call a table value this is what line 93 does for k,v in cCmds do is there anything i can do about this?
  2. Is that GTK? It looks really nice, unless this can be achieved with QT I think this is a good enough reason to use WxWidgets for apex...
  3. We are now hiring

  4. Linux Project Development

    after some research i realised that the idea is bad... but why cant apex dc be written using wxwidgets instead as bigmuscle said?
  5. Linux Project Development

    i probably have no idea what im talking about but isnt firefox also written in visual c++ , could the same system of porting be implemented in apex dc?
  6. Media Players Plugin 1.10

    could you please share the source of the plugin so that i could try to add support for another media player... (jangle)
  7. im running apex 1.2 beta without admin privelages and i have faced no problems so far. has anyone faced problems with apex on win 7?
  8. Compiling ApexDC++

    maybe we can try building apex dc with profile guided optimization and maybe sse
  9. startup.lua

    hey im just starting with lua. can you explain how this startup makes it easier to handle scripts?
  10. Compiling ApexDC++

    what are the benifits if compiling apex dc ,instead of using the binaries?
  11. i have a clientside lua script running on apex 1.2 beta which allows me to set a queue of offline PM's. is there anyway i can integrate it to apex such that i can send it like a normal pm to an offline user ( pm window already open) it uses the format +pmo <nick> <message>
  12. in apex 1.2 when i download a filelist it shows list of folders but downloads list of contents of that folder only when i click on the folder. how do i disable this and make it do it the old way(downloading entire filelists)
  13. geoip lan

    i want to modify GeoIPCountryWhois.csv for my college's lan for ex is ch1 is ch4 etc... can you tell me how to do this
  14. geoip lan

    thanks... i edited it with notepad and its fine now excell didnt add quotes and there was a box at the end of every line in notepad... where are the flags stored?
  15. geoip lan

    microsoft excell...
  16. geoip lan

    ok there was only i logical place to put it in between 9.20.... and 11.0.... i put in 168036097 168036351 CA Canada between them and restarted dc... but the 10.4.7.* ip's(and all others) are still shown as A,(ip)
  17. geoip lan

    what is the corect location in the file? numerical descending oder?
  18. conditional baloon popups

    is there anyway to prvent popups from appearing for chatrooms
  19. the mos irritating thing about apexdc is the waiting time between searches... how do i disable it
  20. geoip lan

    if i put only "","","168036351","168036605","C1","ch1" in geoipcountrywhois.csv ans restart dc and open filelist of a 10.4.7.* it still shows a ?
  21. it seems the lowest is 10 how can i make it lower
  22. oops sorry... i figured it out.. thanks
  23. how do i do it..??? i used classic dc but had no problem so i guess this wont be too