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  1. Is this correct?


    <Directory Virtual="Share">H:\Download\</Directory>

    <Directory Virtual="Share">\\FTP\\</Directory>


    Nothing appears when I want to share.

    Using Apex 1.0b5.

    Another solution is to use Webdrive (shareware) but to hash 400 Gb it takes 24 hours!!!!! :crying:

    Thanks again for your help.

    Arghhhhh I just realize that my FTP is NOT on my local network, but far away...... So :blink:

  2. Thks Satan but where can I locate this DCCP.xml ?

    Otherwise I found this way:

    1. Perform a NSLOOKUP for the FTP site, e.g.


    make a note of the IP address

    2. Edit the LMHOSTS file (in %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc)

    3. Add line

    <ip address> MicrosoftFTP #PRE

    e.g. MicrosoftFTP #PRE

    4. Save the file

    5. Open a CMD.EXE session. Enter command:

    nbtstat -R

    This purges and reloads the name table cache

    6. Type command:

    net view \\MicrosoftFTP

    You should see information on the site

    7. Now map a drive (to share data)

    net use * \\MicrosoftFTP\data /user:anonymous

    8. All done. It will pass a drive letter for the connection

    Is this ok for you ? doesn't work here. :)

  3. A working interface has been developped by the DCP team. If somenone can get it...... :)


    In fact my ftp appears in my fav network under windows explorer but not under the same fav network under settings and sharing options. Why ??????

  4. everything in the title.

    I move very often from home to my holydays house where I have a ftp (Synology box) containing all my shared files.

    When I leave I'm obliged to save my ftp on a USB device what a burden :crying: .

    I'd like to share it from the two locations (in my fav network under windows XP SP2 for example).

    Is there a way? I know one which is working perfectly but the guy doesn't want to give me any clue on how to do that!

    I own my hub and want to share all my library from anywhere.

    Any help?

    Thks in advance :) .

    Sorry for my english.