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  1. Translators needed

    Salut Oggi si tu étais là avant...... Sois le maitre traducteur lol. Take care.
  2. Translators needed

    I'll do it in French.
  3. Sharing my ftp

    WebDrive is working for a very small share. A lot of bugs.
  4. Sharing my ftp

    Is this correct? <Share> <Directory Virtual="Share">H:\Download\</Directory> <Directory Virtual="Share">\\FTP\\</Directory> </Share> Nothing appears when I want to share. Using Apex 1.0b5. Another solution is to use Webdrive (shareware) but to hash 400 Gb it takes 24 hours!!!!! :crying: Thanks again for your help. Arghhhhh I just realize that my FTP is NOT on my local network, but far away...... So :blink:
  5. Sharing my ftp

    Thks Satan but where can I locate this DCCP.xml ? Otherwise I found this way: 1. Perform a NSLOOKUP for the FTP site, e.g. nslookup make a note of the IP address 2. Edit the LMHOSTS file (in %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc) 3. Add line <ip address> MicrosoftFTP #PRE e.g. MicrosoftFTP #PRE 4. Save the file 5. Open a CMD.EXE session. Enter command: nbtstat -R This purges and reloads the name table cache 6. Type command: net view \\MicrosoftFTP You should see information on the site 7. Now map a drive (to share data) net use * \\MicrosoftFTP\data /user:anonymous 8. All done. It will pass a drive letter for the connection Is this ok for you ? doesn't work here. :)
  6. TSL

    Don't forget under Windows and before using TLS U must install the win32 layer to be recognized. Here ==>
  7. Sharing my ftp

    A working interface has been developped by the DCP team. If somenone can get it...... Otherwise..... In fact my ftp appears in my fav network under windows explorer but not under the same fav network under settings and sharing options. Why ??????
  8. Sharing my ftp

    everything in the title. I move very often from home to my holydays house where I have a ftp (Synology box) containing all my shared files. When I leave I'm obliged to save my ftp on a USB device what a burden :crying: . I'd like to share it from the two locations (in my fav network under windows XP SP2 for example). Is there a way? I know one which is working perfectly but the guy doesn't want to give me any clue on how to do that! I own my hub and want to share all my library from anywhere. Any help? Thks in advance . Sorry for my english.