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  1. Next Generation Video iPod?

    Ever since I bought my iRiver H320 I have decided never to buy another iPoo. Now with RockBox being available it gains functionality weekly. (I can even play GameBoy games on it)
  2. Why do you prefer Direct Connect?

    Well it gets the file out there, but DC lacks any announcement system. (Well, most hubs) And then the source only has so many slots.
  3. Why do you prefer Direct Connect?

    I prefer usenet to BT for new stuff. Though you have a point about DC being slow at dispersing new material.
  4. I was just chatting in a public hub one day and was saying how that'd be a nice feature. Someone said it was in another client, maybe it was Zion++, but I can't remember. This happened probably about three or four months ago.
  5. Some hubs only allow you to share one type of file. In my experience this is usually anime hubs, but others specialize as well. So a nice feature, that is in some other clients, would be custom filelists for each hub. eg. Hub#1 you're sharing everything you've got as they're unrestricted Hub#2 you're only sharing complete albums Hub#3 you're only sharing anime
  6. Why do you prefer Direct Connect?

    Community first of all. Then it'd be that I'm often looking for rare files that aren't available anywhere but DC and ED2K (which as you all know takes forever to get through a queue)
  7. Could it be configurable depending on the number of users in the hub? For example, a hub that has less than 100 users would get the command sent, but say one with 10,000 wouldn't.
  8. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    March third of course.