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  1. Hi all, When the option "Check users on join" has been enabled, the filelist of any new user is collected. If ADL-search is set to find bad files, the users nick in the userlist will be differently colored if these file are found. So far, I'm very happy! :thumbsup: How about adding a direct option to open (the already downloaded!) filelist from within the right-click-menu? That would eliminate the need to copy the nick, open the filelist folder, paste the nick, etc. Many OP's using Apex would be very grateful. Thanks in advance!
  2. Usercommands

    Thanks for responding. Sorry to be so 'hard headed', but.... I was thinking that if the client can handle the default editor to 'Open user log', surely there must be a way for me to do something like that? If it is indeed not possible, what are the chances of it becoming possible in the next version? Thanks in advance.
  3. geoip lan

    Did you place these lines at the correct location in the file? I believe it will not work if they are anywhere else. (And ehm.... sorry about the typo's, but you have obviously seen and corrected them) :)
  4. Favorite users

    My thoughts emerged from the fact that the TestSURs are being saved in the download queue. So, I kind of expect that the user's CID will not change as long as he doesn't change nick or IP. Is that conclusion wrong? If so, what is the use of the client saving the 'offline user' TestSURs info ? Hope to learn a bit more, as I would also appreciate adding offliners to favorites. :)
  5. Favorite users

    Not sure about this, but..... if you enable 'Log Filelist transfers', you should have the CID in the log. Just a thought and would gladly be corrected if I'm wrong. :)
  6. geoip lan

    You would have to insert the two lines needed, with the calculations for the IP's given. Calulation is quite simple: for : (10*256*256*256)+(4*256*256)+(7*256)+(1*1) = 168036351 for : (10*256*256*256)+(4*256*256)+(7*256)+(255*1) = 168036605 Do the same for the other IP's. Now, open the csv file with something like Edit Pro or such. (Notepad will do, but will take some time loading extremely large files) Insert the info you have created in the following sequence: "from_ip",to_ip","from_ip_calculation","to+ip_calculation","desired_abbreviation","fulle_name" Example: "10.407.1","","168036351","168036605","Int","Internal net: ch1" Just check what is already in the file and you will understand the above. Hope this helps you out. :)
  7. Usercommands

    Hi all, Of course I (as everyone else) have done searches, but have not found an answer. What I would like to know is: how to open a (local) Windows application from within the UserCommands screen. I have checked 'RAW', set to 'User Menu' and for the 'Command' I was thinking of something like: run "C:\program Files\Program folder\program_name.exe" but that doesn't seem to do the job. Neither does 'execute' instead of 'run'. Is there a way? Thanks in advance.