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  1. tell us who you are

    Name : Parag Gupta aka sevenaces Gender : Male Nationality : Indian DOB: 17th OCt 1989 Hobbies : Surfing online, Creative writing, leaning new stuff, reading about stuff ranging from String Theory to Programming to ActionScripting to Mathematics and many more On DC since : ~ 7months Funniest thing on DC : Losers spamming/abusing an then finally getting their own ass kicked in main chat. Worst thing happening on DC : I dont know...something bad never happened because of DC, but there was this time when the LAN was down and we all were almost dead without DC...
  2. My Top 20 used Programs

    lets see..for me it would be: OS: Windows Vista Apex DC++ : Added to system startup Adobe Photoshop CS3 : Graphic Designing Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 : Web Designing Adobe Flash CS3 : Animation/Web Designing Adobe Premier, After Effect CS3 : Video Creation and Editing ( Learning them nowadays) Windows Mail : POP mail client WAMP : Apache and MySQL server for windows Windows Media Player : Media Player, and syncing my mp3 player VLC Media Player : Media Player Firefox : Browser IP MSGR : IP Messenger Gears of Wars : Game ID Man : Download manager Daemon Tools : Virtual Desk Mounting Visual Studio : Coding in C++ VirtualBox : Running Fedora and Ubuntu on Vista...
  3. ApexDC++ Wallpaper contest

    is the contest still one.. really interested..