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  1. odd bug

    okay an update a little im using the newest version i got shaw secure and the hub address is a private server for university if you want it i can get it for you. but so far ive gotten in fine and i am finding that people can dowload from me but i still get the same error not using windows firewall at all. still getting error saving hash
  2. odd bug

    Okay so ive used every version of apexdc++ right now im on the beta newest version but my problem is when i try and connect to a private server i am not allowed for not using apex? and am directed to this site i have re installed quite a few times and am not sure what to do Now to complicate things once more i was able to put this hub as a favourite with my password etc and get in but when it comes to downloading i get an error saying error saving hash date access is denied and it keeps almost having a sezuire like appearences any help would be greatly apprecitaed thanks