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  1. stupid bug

    and where do i turn of seg download?! can i turn it off for specific downloads ?
  2. stupid bug

    i can't find anything that might solve my problem in preferences so i can only think that this is a bug... and that is apex DOES NOT know HOW TO handle high speeds! i mean ***, why would it choose me users with the worst possible speeds instead of keeping all those BIG SPEEDS like 6-12MB/s ?! is that normal?! if yes then i really don't see any differences between strongdc and apex ... imagine this: you download with speeds like 10MB/s and you make it through 99% in 3 mins and then, suddenly you have to wait for that 1% to be completeted, and of course as you're not that kind of guy that monitors only one program you will wait for a total of 6mins - that is 2x! what time do you think i have to wait to download 1GB with say 100kB/s?!