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  1. I don't understand what you mean. I'd want it to highlight downloaded( and deleted or unshared anymore) files with a color, just as it does with shared files, or queued files.
  2. I really miss this feature that, for example, emule has. Would it be possible to implement it?
  3. Hi, I'm afraid not to lose queued files, due to these very often crashes/hangs. Is it possible? Today, my Apex hanged 3 times(no erros, nothing, simply hanged), and at the last hang I saw the "queue.xml.tmp" file in the "Settings" folder. Usually it crashes at least once per week(24/7 operation). Am I going to lose queued files? I really hope that the 2.0 version will have an "autorestore session" feature that will: -restore the opened filelists(+ the pointer to the file that is supposed to be focused) -restore the searched results -restore the filelists that were queued for download(+ the pointer to the file that is supposed to be focused when the filelist download completes) -protect the queue.xml file. I'd gladly donate money for these features. :)
  4. I've tested this idea in a VM with Apex 1.3.6 and it did not work. The queue.xml does not store the "Filelists" folder. I believe that the Filelists folder is stored only in the heap memory.
  5. I couldn't find it. I found one option that stops Apex from deleting the downloaded filelists from the HDD before exiting.
  6. No. The normal downloads files are kept queued, but the Filelists queue folder is deleted after a restart. Does your Apex keep them queued even after a restart?
  7. I have some filelists that I want to download, but I have to restart the computer. Can I manage somehow to keep these filelists in queue even after a restart?
  8. Restore session after a crash

    Guys, have you thought about implementing this feature? I really need it.
  9. Is ApexDC++ safe against RAM corruption? This subject of Cosmic Rays inducing RAM bit errors, in non-ECC systems, is becoming more and more popular by the day. Nowadays, home user systems tend to have large amounts of RAM memory, for example, I have 8GB. Some people use to keep their P2P software running 24/7. What's the worst that could happen considering these 3 factors? If it has major implications, besides building ECC systems(which ar rather expensive for home use), is there anything else that can be done?
  10. ApexDC++ and Win7 huge problem

    Thank you guys, for trying to help me. I really appreciate it. Big Muscle's advice is very good, indeed, I haven't thought of it before, and I will try it right away. Offtopic: It seems that you are working hard for the new version. Please consider my ideea of saving the session, it would be very helpful to reconnect to the same hubs as last time, to have the filelists expanded at the same folder as last time, and to have the old searches/search results displayed, especially when you were in the middle of a larger download session that included multiple filelists/users.
  11. ApexDC++ and Win7 huge problem

    I've tried it and it's no difference.
  12. ApexDC++ and Win7 huge problem

    I tried but clicking on the hub taps, but it doesn't solve the problem. IMHO, this is not an artifact, it really behaves like it doesn't have enough resources...even though it does.
  13. ApexDC++ and Win7 huge problem

    It feels very odd, even with 10 hubs or less, when I maximize it, I can see how each window frame is being rendered[in XP, it was extremely fast, this "rendering" did not happen even with 100 hubs connected], I see the UL/DL counters speeding up, and showing past values, trying to get to work in realtime, and other similar things.
  14. ApexDC++ and Win7 huge problem

    No. :rolleyes:
  15. ApexDC++ and Win7 huge problem

    Hi, I have this problem since I've switched to Win7 x64. ApexDC++ has a huge lag when trying to maximize it, it feels like the PC does not have enough processing power to get the application to work in realtime. It takes minutes of waiting for ApexDC++ to maximize. I'm only connected to 24 hubs, barely uploading, not downloading at all, and after 10mins it still did not maximize, as you can see in the picture that I've attached. [i did not clear the windows nor the buttons, it's Apex's lagging behaviour when trying to maximize it] I remember that 1.3.1/1.3.2/1.3.3/1.3.4/1.3.5 reacted the same, so it's not a glitch related to 1.3.5 only or something like that. Don't know anything about pre-1.3.1 versions, but I believe that they react the same. Switching from Aero to Basic theme has no impact. Funny thing is that this problem doesn't appear in WinXP, not even when connecting to more than 100 hubs. My PC is has an Intel Quad Q8300 CPU, 8GB DDR2, 2x HDDs, etc. I use Win7 x64 Professional. I used ApexDC++ 1.3.1-1.3.5 x86. Any advice?