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  1. [Minor Bug][1B4]Sharing

    i think so lets see if any of the devs respond :blushing:
  2. [Minor Bug][1B4]Sharing

    This has come up before and there is always disagreement on how this should function. basicly the cancle button only cancles the virtual name and not the act of actully sharing the folder. please see the following for more information #454
  3. [BUG][0.4.0-1.0.0] There is not enough space on disk

    There is no setting to limit this in Apex. Can't think why this would happen just yet
  4. [BUG][0.4.0-1.0.0] There is not enough space on disk

    As far as i no this is not possible a cluster can only address (2^32 -1) bytes you would therfore ned to overflow your cluster and right your own filesystem address entry.
  5. My Top 20 used Programs

    I agree photoshop genrally has more features then gimp. but i dont do that much graphics and it has enough functionality for me
  6. My Top 20 used Programs

    in no paticular order vlc firefox gimp vi konsole nmap netcat wget dig openOffice bash unix tools (awk, sed, grep, cat, less, tail etc) ssh mocp kopete python foxit wireshark (formaly eathereal) tcpdump/ssldump openssl oh and obviously apexdc im pretty sure that you can get all of them apart from mocp, kopete and konsol on windows. All of them on linux apart from foxit and apexdc. Finally ALL FREE
  7. Game: Guess the movie

    sorry been busy also how come i am in the score board twice Scores 1. RadoX - 4 2. Kulmegil - 3 2. Noctis - 3 2. Greg - 3 2. Balder - 3 3. Lee - 2 3. Satan - 2
  8. Game: Guess the movie

    Amazing Grace
  9. Game: Guess the movie

    finnally someone got it and i thought that was an easy one. now you should all go and watch it. Scores 1. RadoX - 4 2. Kulmegil - 3 2. Noctis - 3 3. Greg - 2 3. Balder - 2 3. Lee - 2 3. Satan - 1
  10. Game: Guess the movie

    someone better gusse it now
  11. Game: Guess the movie

    no not merlin. it has fred savage in it
  12. Game: Guess the movie

    ill look out for it Scores 1. RadoX - 4 1. Kulmegil - 3 1. Noctis - 3 2. Greg - 2 2. Balder - 2 3. Satan - 1 3. Lee - 1 this is one of my faviourate films
  13. Your browser of choice

    lynx edit: only joking it has to be FF with the firebug extention
  14. Game: Guess the movie

    i havn't seem this but could it be "Loose Change"
  15. Game: Guess the movie

    what greg dismisses Radox guesses Scores 1. RadoX - 4 1. Kulmegil - 3 1. Noctis - 3 2. Greg - 2 3. Satan - 1 3. Lee - 1 3. Balder - 1
  16. Game: Guess the movie

    ok a slightly easier one (again sorry about the poor quality)
  17. Game: Guess the movie

    no its american but it is simlar to "Bad Boy Bubby" which you may be thinking of
  18. Game: Guess the movie

    this is quite an obscure film if no one gets it today ill post a more popular one
  19. Game: Guess the movie

    sorry for the poor quality. but it should be good enough to recognise, ill see if i can find a better one though
  20. What would really float my boat

    i think this is a good feature and would probably use it
  21. Game: Guess the movie

  22. AML 3.04

  23. Your South Park Avatar

    very good
  24. Retiring from my beta position

    Hello, I just wanted to let people no that i have retiered from my beta testing position. I wil continue to be part of the apex support team. However for one reason or another i have been unable to forfill my role as beta tester and thought it best that i give someone else a chance. As said i will stil be around the forums and once i have sorted out a few things i have to sort out i will come back begging for my position. keep up the good work everyone and i gusse i now have to wait like everyone else for the wonderfull up and commin 0.5 release
  25. Showing Foreign Letters in Apex DC++

    Foobar can you please show me how to use utf-8 in valknut. I find no options for this in the settings and i am unable to get hold of the source.