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  1. Run ApexDC through Proxy

    So there is no way to use apex with Http proxy? What is the difference between the two?
  2. Failed to connect on TCP 8080

    If I knew what it is... I just computer user, learn something only than it's needed. If you could explain easier. dc programs don't work as far as I know. Tried apex and one other.
  3. Failed to connect on TCP 8080

    I choose passive, but still can't
  4. Failed to connect on TCP 8080

    "Failed to connect on TCP 8080" Is there no way for me to use apex? I can't get even near the router at this place. Can't connect to any hub. I use router, some programs, internet pages can be opened without using proxy. If somebody could tell me in simple way, step by step what could I do, I would be very grateful. P.S. I tried Related Guides: Dynamic IP's with ApexDC++ and im stuck at 5 step