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  1. Leave A Message for Offline Users

    sorry for that, i did not check the links, i blindly trusted the site.. here are some more hub softwares, if still interested.. i think that Verlihub and YnHub are the most used hub soft.. no offence, but you should use their forums not just point to this topic, if you request a feature in their softwares. i would not like to go to other forums if i have my own feature requests section on my forum.. i think the feature is usable. it will require more hard drive space for hub owners if it is used regularly, but i think some of the owners might risk that. but of course it need the mentioned restriction to leave message only for registered users, and maybe it needs a time limit also. now i am writing into the wrong forum also, the feature was rejected for ApexDC..
  2. Leave A Message for Offline Users

    you can find links to official pages of many dc hub softwares on this page. they have their forums also..
  3. Another Screen Shot

    no, you absolutely misunderstood. the feature request was to add big red exclamation marks and big yellow arrows into dc :thumbsup: