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  1. Could Apex strip off the ID3 tags while hashing, similar to what Shareaza does. Shareaza ignores the tags while it hashes the file, but keeps the tags on the file. This way the hashes don't change every time a person changes the tagging, increasing sources for MP3 files that are exactly the same without the tags. I'm not sure if this would be as useful on DC as it is on a P2P network like that, but I thought I'd just throw the idea out there. Plus, if you wanted to check the code out for it, Shareaza is open source anyways.
  2. Very Hot

    It's been cool the last couple of days (20-25C) around here (Toronto area), last week it hit 35C, but later on in the summer it'll go up to 45C with the humidity. It's usually 30/35 without and 45C with the humidity in the city. Heat doesn't bother me at all, like last summer when I was up north at my cottage it was 40C in the sun with no humidity and it didn't bother me, but the humidity is killer especially when you have a giant head of hair and hairy legs . There's almost an 80-85C difference between the coldest and the warmest days in this area...
  3. Cyclic Redundency Check problem

    I've had a cyclic redundancy check error on my harddrive before. What I did to fix it was wipe it with zeros with Linux, then reformatted it with a full NTFS format and it's worked fine ever since. You will obviously lose everything on it doing it this way though.
  4. Apex DC++ speed mod

    Yes the developer does have the right to do that. They know what's good for the network, and what isn't, unlike some n00b who doesn't know how to even forward a port or knows what a TCP packet is used for. There are very good reasons for blocking the users who use these programs, they bring back the DC network even farther back into the past compared to where the bulk of P2P networks are. They create excessive traffic (as if DC isn't already ****ty enough as it is for this) bogging down the other nodes and the hubs they are connected to. To make a mod, the developer should be responsible enough to know what his/her modifications will be and how they will affect the network. StrongDC and ApexDC try to do what they believe is right for the network, implementing features they believe will not harm the other nodes. There was a time when Apex (peerwebdc at the time) was going to make it more than 10segments, then I decided to make a big stink about it and banned it from the peerweb hub until they removed it, so don't say I blindly follow these programs.
  5. ApexDC++ Linux development

    That'd be great if he were able to help Almighteycow, and tell him he has the chance to make $130 in the process (I'm sure it'll help him make up his mind... he is a university student, and they always need money;))
  6. ApexDC++ Linux development

    Perhaps another email should be sent out... if someone hears about $100, that might be a good incentive. Or, if there are no takers and almightey can't do it, we could always hire out (i'm not sure how far $100 would go, although there isn't tons of coding I guess, just converting it to code linux can use).
  7. ApexDC++ Linux development

    If someone does get it ported, I'd be willing to add $20 to the pot.
  8. Promote ApexDC++

    Figured I could update the stats from my mirror which hosts PeerWeb DC++ 0.41, for November it was downloaded 5898 times totaling 15.3GB of bandwidth. Hopefully the people who download this old version will or have upgraded to ApexDC++. At least it's a good sign of the popularity of the client.
  9. Promote ApexDC++

    Just noticed this as I was looking through my website stats for September. PeerWeb DC++ 0.41 was downloaded a total of 4869 times (suddenly sky rocketed during the second half ) accounting for 12.61GB. I've kept up those files because they're linked to from several third party websites (1000-1500 referrals were from Also, 8GB was from the U.S. (that's not all just PWDC, it also includes the Gnutella Cache I have). Just thought you guys would be interested! (directory: )
  10. description tag

    Translation: "Can the description tag be removed so that it doesn't show in the hub"
  11. RoBots in Apex?

    MoGLO is a pain in the ass, they spam hubs and most hubs now have Anti-MoGLO spam features. I (illegally) crashed one guys connection for coming on often then blocked his whole ISP range in my router. It's not a good feature and it'll definately tarnish Apex's reputation. [edit]a bit late on the post...
  12. Promote ApexDC++

    Uploaded it to The Pirate Bay, I'm using uTorrent so if you have that or use the mainline client you'll also possibly find me on the mainline DHT network. Anyways, download this and the torrent and spread it on public trackers and it might help shore up some more popularity:
  13. VLC (Video LAN) player as AVI Preview altenate?

    Yeah, I love VLC, no need for codec installations and it supports pretty much every format under the sun. It also supports x264 (since the VLC team develops that open source codec of H.246) which is starting to get big.
  14. HTTP & FTP Multi-sourcing

    If tunna were to write it for you (like he says he might), why not add it anyways?
  15. Show us your desktop

    Who cares about resources if you have a good computer If you were worried about them you'd spend more money on RAM, hard drives, and a CPU. If you want more speed, also try to disable paging of the XP Kernel, that way it runs off of the RAM instead of the HDD.