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  1. ADC

    DC++ already has ADC implementations and as such so does ApexDC++... if you see a hub running a ADC hub program you can already connect to it :)
  2. Login box for main page?

    Was just thinking there, how about a login box for the main page... so that after reading the main page and new etc you are automatically logged into the forums when you click the forums link? Regards, Drew :)
  3. Help this idiot :D

    lol well he just hit 3 million, although last nite it was only 1.5 million but ah well, hope he enjoys his 3-some lol
  4. Show us your desktop

    It's messenger plus live. leaked beta but meh lol & its my personal mod of Luna Element 5 :)
  5. Show us your desktop

    Start Menu: Clean: System Specs: :)
  6. When will ApexDC++ be released?

    april 18th lol