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  1. Hi! First of all, I'm using your app for long time and consider it nice and comfortable! But often stupid ppl annoying by their dialogs and i want to have tool to shut them up. In this case Ignore is helpful. But when there a lot of such ppl amounts to scores and hundreds it's becoming hardly... And in this case Such feature will be great! Can I rely on you? //i know that my english is awful
  2. So, anyone of developers give me an answer? Or this forum is only for surface discussions?
  3. I mean ingnore in main chat window! I chosed DC not torrents or other fileshare-network cause I'm living in ass-****ed country named Russia and have speed-limited internet connection (128kbps) and not speed-limited local network connection, where we have own dc-server with ~300 users and ~25TB total share. But on this server hundreds of stupid assholes, whose talk annoying. I have chosed in Settings option "Suppress main chat", but sometimes it's necessary and useful to chat somebody appropriate. And in this case Ignore All except Favorites feature is right that needed. I'm understandable? :)