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  1. My Top 20 used Programs

    Server 2003 eXPerience Enterprise Edition(2nd release Aug2007), build 3790 SP2 Acronis True Image Echo Server, OS Selector & Disk Director NOD32 2.70.39 by choice Opera FoxIt Reader Pro Power Archiver Damn NFO Viewer JV16 Power Tools RegVac registry Cleaner 5.01.09 Prassi Ones 2.1.358 Slysoft CloneCD VCD Gear VSO ConvertX to DVD Alcohol 120% AdAware SE Pro v1.06r1 Irfan View 4.1 Driver Genius Pro 7.1.622 The Ultimate TroubleShooter WinComponents K-Lite MegaPak 3.65 MailWasherPro 6.1 JavaCool SpywareBlaster Your Uninstaller! 2008 WinClear CrapCleaner Eraser 5.8 free,fast, very secure ,,, best file shredder ! Most of these I cannot live without :-)
  2. Fastest Download Speed?

    Zlobomir ... Sorry for that, I tried the link prior to my post & it worked ... now get >> Give it a couple of days & try again ... if down too long, I'll edit it out of my post. Their forum is down too ... hope this is temporary.
  3. tell us who you are

    I'm shy, totally new to DC, so wondering if I belong here ..... give me some time, let me stumble thru the guides and we'll see. Tried DC & DC++ some years back but it was over my head, so I landed here in exploring mode.
  4. Your browser of choice

    I am using Opera v9.25 Build 8827 (9.50 {Kestral} beta is good too) after using Firefox 2.+ for almost a year. Might switch back to Firefox if the darn thing ever opens in a timely fashion, just takes toooooooooo long. I want the snap ! For the Vista debate, have a look here >> "Microsoft's web site offers us "100 Reasons You'll Be Speechless" over Windows Vista. Quote the copy: "Using Windows Vista for the first time may leave you searching for words". Er, yes... searching for words, and finding them. After the initial shocked silence, Vista users (and refusers) are anything but speechless. They're speaking loudly, and speaking lots. Saying far more than Microsoft would like them to. Saying things to make even a Ballmer cringe. Vista has struck them downright loquacious. In fact, Vista users are rediscovering words they thought Mom had washed out with that bar of Ivory so long ago." ........ But hey, if it works for you & u enjoy it .... then enjoy it !!! :)
  5. Fastest Download Speed?

    if ur on cable, you can try a modded cable modem, then experiment with your modems internal config file .. have a look here >>
  6. I'm on the search for a new antivirus

    NOD32 is the best for me, hands down (have tries all the others over the years, but always come back to NOD32) ... offers highest realtime protection vs use of system resources ... used with a linksys firewall router and alphashield hardware firewall, I sleep well & fearless. Anyone wanting a link so you can get rid of the 30 day virus that comes with the ESET NOD trial, please PM me, & I'll be happy to share. :D