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  1. Client is very slow

    Hi all. I'm having a new problem with my client. the problem is that when i surf the internet or download via internet browser, everything works good and i can surf and download at the maximum bandwidth i have. But when i open my apexdc++, the speed doesnt goes upper than 1KB/s. so i have problem in connecting to hubs and downloading. Please help me get rid of this trouble. thanx
  2. Client is very slow

    Thanx a lot Tomica I will try these solutions and i hope this damned problem solves.
  3. Client is very slow

    Where is this quides section? I also reinstalled apexdc++ and i have that problem yet. Can it be a problem in the settings? i copied the previous apexdc files to the new installed apexdc, to transfer it's settings and favorites and everything. maybe the problem is also transferred from old to new one. Any idea?
  4. Flag or IP?

    Hello Humanity! Please see the picture below and say which is true? "CH" must be China!
  5. Flag or IP?

    Thanks Crise.
  6. No Comment!

    Look at the picture below:
  7. No Comment!

    Oh, I didn't know. Thanks for telling me that. but 100kb/s or 100kB/s? second one i think. :crying:
  8. No Comment!

    Really? So what is fireball? that must be firewall i think. Anyway, sorry if i got it wrong.
  9. Hello It's becoming a big problem for me. some users wanna download whole my shared content. no problem if they are highspeed. but some of them try to download from me at 4 or 5 KB/s. is there any way to ignore somebody from downloading from me?
  10. How to ignore user.(Downloads from me).

    More upload slots!! Please read what i said in previous posts, I said my connection is slow and so if i increase slots my speed becomes zero kbps for users. with one slot a user can download from me at 40 KB/s but more slots = more downloaders = less speed for them. well guys let's end this discussion, i decreased my share size and it solved my problem.:)
  11. How to ignore user.(Downloads from me).

    yeah that's a good idea i will reduce my shared content. did i say that's the apex's problem? i don't remember!
  12. How to ignore user.(Downloads from me).

    i said it not expensive and i say again. i don't need a very high speed internet access. that's why i dont get it. but a user that wanna download a huge file from anothers must have a good connection.
  13. How to ignore user.(Downloads from me).

    By doing this i can add one more slot and this solves nothing.
  14. How to ignore user.(Downloads from me).

    Look guys the problem is that i can't give others more than one slot. because i'm using a 256k adsl connection and when some user downloads from me my speed becomes near zero and others can't download.
  15. Still Copies The Country Code And "()"

    I updated my client to 1.1.0 But i saw when i copy someone's ip address it still copies country code and "()". Why you didn't fix this problem? :(
  16. How to ignore user.(Downloads from me).

    Why you guys add this parts to apexdc if you don't want users to block others. What is your goal from adding ip guard to client? has it any other usage?
  17. How to ignore user.(Downloads from me).

    What are you talking about? :unsure:
  18. How to ignore user.(Downloads from me).

    Well what's it's purpose?
  19. How to ignore user.(Downloads from me).

    I use dc and i have enough patience for those who really wanna download what they need. Some users download whole your shared files. this makes me crazy and i block them. Also i block slow users because i think a fast connection is not so expensive in any country. I cant see some one is downloading a 800MB movie from me with a 56k dialup connection and another user is waiting for a simple mp3 download. i block slow users and i think i'm right.
  20. How to ignore user.(Downloads from me).

    Away? No Never. DC is the best way for finding an downloading anything you want. i really enjoy it. haha i block slow users. this helps others who wanna dl from me.
  21. How to ignore user.(Downloads from me).

    I haven't patience!!! I have 1 slot and when i see other users are waiting to download from me i really want to give them slot so i block slow users to make that one slot free for others. i don't make my client busy with opening many upload slots. i share alot and many users download from me.
  22. Public Hub problem

    I had this problem too. Each time i refreshed hublist, i got messages bellow: "unable to connect http forbidden" or "Download failed: An existing connection was..." But it happened only with some adresses. i've found some new hublist addresses from the net and it solved my problem. :P
  23. How to ignore user.(Downloads from me).

    Sorry guys. No need to answer. I blocked that user's ip adress in ipguard and he can't download from me anymore. hehe i love apexdc++. :P
  24. Problem With Small File Size

    Hello all I don't know it is a bug or just happens to me. i set the small file size to 100KB, but when some one tries to get my 84KB filelist, it takes my download slot. Anyone have the same problem and can anyone help me?
  25. Problem With Small File Size

    85KB it is i set the small file size to 100KB.