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  1. New beta testers

    using every day dc, so no problem to use beta and find some bugs/errors
  2. Compare filefists

    oki found similar Check if dowloaded filelist is ...
  3. time to start, end time... for night dowloads
  4. hubs rotation?

    hello again, some habs have limits with max hub count, sugesting add feature to rotate favarites hub list, whit interval (1-Xh). and active hubs(max X active hubs) count. this also will help manage if some hub is down, so automaticly you be joined to new favarite hub tnx.
  5. download.log

    if not dificult, it sometimes maybe usefull information... tnx
  6. Compare filefists

    Hello! I'm wondering, downloading file list and there some button to compare whit other(old) filelist... i have some favarite users whit good speed and same nice stuff , but all time i need check manualy his new filelist content to track new files... also will be nice this feature offline filelist search TNX