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  1. Multi-Part? Download Issue

    Awesome. Thats great to hear that this is known and is being worked on. Thanks for the replies!
  2. Multi-Part? Download Issue

    I noticed this issue after upgrading from 1.00B4 to the alphas for B5, and the current release of B5. I was wondering if there was a way to disable multi-part downloads (I think thats what this feature is called). To clarify, I am not talking about multi-source downloading. We have our clients disable this anyways. The issue I have is I use ApexDC++ on a LAN environment. When I, using the 1.00B5 client, download a file from any user using any other client, it looks as if my client connects to the user, grabs a certain amount of the file, disconnects, reconnects and begins the process all over again until the file is completed. Before, it looked as if the file was downloaded in one large chunk until it was completed when I was using 1.00B4 client (and any previous versions). This wouldn't be a problem, except it seems to flood people's download logs with entries and possibly create a lot of unnecessary traffic since it happens several times a second over a fast LAN connection. Any help (or just information/clarification) would be much appreciated Thanks!