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  1. Linux Project Development

    DCGet can download multi-segment.
  2. Linux Project Development

    OK then. Started thinking nobody looking here anymore). Lee thanks).
  3. Linux Project Development

    Is it dead now? Why not to delete topic then?
  4. Linux Project Development

    I've taken 0.3 almiteycow's version and tried to add revconnect there.. but soon turned out it requires some changes here and there. Having compared with 0.3 (from 1st post) it looked like it was based on the other version of apex (other than ported one). It compiles and can be run now but it's not so obvious about some features and some are missing: looks like PeerGuardian is only windows, so it's just turned off; memcpy_amd looks like written in different version of asm comparing to one used by g++ (I've seen asm several times only:), maybe it's possible to convert it by script but without knowledge it's unlikely to be useful afterwards anyway); NetLimiter also cut off. So now it can download in revconnect way, however I haven't tested everything that I could have broken yet . To those who test: create another user for running it! It can break some files (I didn't get the meaning of shareDelete yet), but I guess it will fail creating a file rather than erasing one. This is it PS almiteycow, which apex did you base on?