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  1. Started 2 get this message last week or so. (Could be that i've had it a lot longer also but not noticed it until now.)

    Could not download digital signature for update check (HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden (http://update.apexdc...ersion.xml.sign))

    Running the latest version of Apex now. Did a manual update of it. Any thoughts what to do so the update checks will work properly again



  2. I'll tell you a little secret, most of the changes in StrongDC 2.40 are already in 1.3.0, however, we decided it would be best to use a version number that was already out in the changelog, with the merge entry, rather than say an svn revision.

    In any case 1.3.1, with the missing changes from 2.40 and some other minor changes, will be release if not today, then early next week.

    Thats gr8 2 hear. ;)

    Keep up 2 good work.

  3. I would really like 2 get in on the Beta Tests of the new version, but i must let it be due 2 other Beta tests im doing............ not enough with time :P

    Looking forward 2 the new rls of Apex