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  1. Automatic backup of Favorites.xml

    My PSU is fine. Maybe I should move to another country, but that's not going to happen anytime soon :)
  2. Automatic backup of Favorites.xml

    cause it gets corrupted on every power failure or hard reset on my pc. and I don't know when the next time is that this is going to happen, but when it does the file gets messed up and I lose all my fav hubs and users.
  3. Automatic backup of Favorites.xml

    then you're lucky. it happened to me 2 times last month and it's hard to get adresses of private hubs again. and I am to lazy to backup favorites.xml EVERY TIME I run apex. And I don't think this should be neccesary on a client that advertises itself as "The Pinnacle of file sharing" (allthough it is hated by most private hubs, I like the look and feel as well as functionality of ApexDC) A simple "favorites.bak" in the "settings" folder on run/exit would do the trick.
  4. Every time there is a power cut or the PC freezes and needs a hard reset while ApexDC is running the favorites.xml file gets corrupted. Is there a way to make Apex backup this as well as other critical files at every startup / shutdown or whatever, A "restore" command may also be good.
  5. This would also prove useful. I requested this here a while ago and I see its still not implemented. When I requested it on another client forum, it got implemented into the next version right away.
  6. already shared folders

    I would like to see already shared folders in another color, not just the files. who has the time to go through 100s and 1000s of folders and look at the files in each one. This way I can just skip folders I already have. I have seen this option in other clients and I miss it in this one. In other clients it works like this: If all files from a specific folder are shared it is a bright gray colour. If not all files from a specific folder are shared it is a darkey gray colour.
  7. Improvement for Winamp spam

    seriously... where is the media toolbar?
  8. Improvement for Winamp spam

    how do you Winam-spam with Apex anyway? I cant get the media toolbar to show
  9. free/total hard drive capasity

    you can get some system info by typing "/stats" into the chat but yeah, free/total HDD space would be a nice add.
  10. Bad request, not supported!

    when i try to connect to a guy, i get that message. he is using i airdc 1.08 based on dc++ 0.699. i have disabled segment downloading and there is still no change. what can I do?
  11. IP Updater

    there is a topic on this forum describing on how to use DynDns to keep your IP steady. not much complicated, but works just fine. i've been using it for months now :thumbsup:
  12. match queue & file type in finished downloads

    an "send private message" command would also be cool :thumbsup:
  13. it would be nice to have a file type sorting tab in finished downloads and also a match queue option when right-clicking on a file. file type could also be applied to the finished uploads and waiting users windows.
  14. Multiple filelist uploads

    a bit tricky to explain... here is what happens... assume 1 user is on 3 same hubs as you are now when he tries to grab your list, apex seems to open additional upload slots and in the end you have the same user downloading your filelist from three different hubs and there is nothing you can do about it. tried to close two of those connections, no result. same sh-- after a few second. now, is there no way to prevent these sort of things hapening? can't apex detect that it is uploading 3 filelists to the same IP and close all but one connection automatically? speaking of small upload slots... why is the minimum set to "3".
  15. How to get more sources

    and now everyone can do it :)