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  1. Share Partially Downloaded files

    I see....thank for the information! I only tried StrongDC so far, didnt try the other clients. I am sharing chinese series on a privat hub, and if Lee is also asian (cantonese spoken) he is welcome to join Since those series might contain many many episodes..it will take forever to download from one sigle source..who's connection is not the best (my connection! :S ) therefore partitial sharing would help me and the others a lot to complete everything quicker e-mo
  2. Share Partially Downloaded files

    Hi.. sorry...I dont know much about coding...but glad to know it is already workling like that.....I just seem not to see that feature somehow...do I have to enable that anywhere? e-mo
  3. Hello All.. this is an Idea I just came across. is it possible to share files, which you only partially downloaded?! If am not mistaken, BT is working like that rite?! so whenever someone is downloading...everything is is downloaded is immediately shared again, so other users have very fast downloads and quickly can finished the download. in this case..there might be 2 hashing required 1st: for the completed hashed file, e.g.: sijdhf9wy450ond0v9e4ih0ifn04hsdn0jh0f83y4 --> this would equal 100% so if someone is downloading from me, and downloaded partially, the hash will run against the complete hash, to ensure it is the exact file: 2nd: hashinformation for the incompletefile: sijdhf9wy450ond0v9e4ih... --> this would equal 50% of completion this way...if the original source is not online..those guys..who did download an incomplete file...always can resume from the original source. is it possible?! it is only an idea to make sharing faster...maybe it is possible. feedback would be nice. Thank you
  4. I think there was a special ODC++ version, which has that feature. I remember someone sent it to me, but I cannot recall if that was the source or the client...havent tried it. so if the coders are interested in the source or client (whatever I have) I can of course provide, in case I find it let me know okie... e-mo
  5. Hi there, I think this request is more based on the hubtool rather than client, but still I gonna post it here. How about the feature to leave a message for a registered user? This means only registered user can leave a message to another registered user..just like in irc. e.g. /send msg OfflineUserNick MessageComesHere so when that user logs in, he will receive the message with the notice of the sender. how do u think about that?
  6. 1.0 Public Beta

    Hi Lee, I was wondering what does it mean with Password Protection? Does it mean that you can set a password for certain folders, so if you user want to download stuff from that folder, he needs to enter the password first? This would be cool e-mo