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  1. ApexDC++Sound - New version

    Wow, you're really missing my point here. I don't want YOU to do anything. I wasn't even TALKING to you in the first place, you decided to jump in. I'm NOT asking for help from devs/testers, I'm replying to TheJackal, the original poster of this thread. If you still don't understand WHY I was writing this here, try re-reading the original post, you will see that he ASKED FOR COMMENTS about his audio choices. I *DID* remove the sound after only a few seconds, because it was nuts to listen to. My COMMENT was directed at the original poster who created the sound pack, because it was his SUGGESTION that people use these sounds on their computers. The other sounds were fine, but I turned most of them off too because it was way too noisey with all of them on, with lots of transfers going at once. BUT the rapid-fire cat meowing was so over-the-top ridiculous, that I could not see anyone seriously using that sound in that manner, at ALL. I assumed it must have been a practical joke that he was playing on the rest of us, and I was trying to play along.... Let me try making an analogy of what happened so far, to hopefully make you less confused (or more): 1. Jackal says "Hey everyone, here's my suggestion for a way to have more fun while eating your breakfast cereal in the morning!" 2. /me tries out Jackal's idea, following each of his instructions step by step. Gets to the last step, which says to "Curl your hand into a fist, and then punch yourself in the face repeatedly." 3. /me says "OWWW! Hey man, I tried your suggestion and it hurt like hell! What's the deal with telling people to try this??" 4. Mikey says "How DARE you attack his idea?!?! Are you too dumb to realize that you can stop punching yourself in the face any time you want??" .... So to summarize: My original comment/questions were NOT directed toward YOU, or to any of the other Apex staff, or to anybody else in general EXCEPT for TheJackal. I was giving FEEDBACK on his choice of sounds, which he asked for. And I would appreciate not being jumped on anymore by someone who doesn't even really understand what's going on, until HE has a chance to respond... Maybe he was playing a joke on us. Or maybe he intended that sound to be for a different sound event. Or maybe he really DOES sit there listening to the machine gun kitten laser all day, and actually finds it enjoyable.... THIS is what I want to know.
  2. ApexDC++Sound - New version

    First of all, there was no hate in my statement. It was mock incredulity/outrage, in the form of what most English-speakers would call "sarcasm". Such jokes are difficult for some people to recognize sometimes, because to work, they have to have at least some appearance of being serious, and do not include a little note (nor a row of silly smiley faces) at the end indicating that it is, in fact a joke. Like this: (HAHA LOL!!) I understand perfectly well how to set up the sounds on the events. My comment was due to the fact that I DID download his sound pack, and set all of the sound events to play the files in his pack, based on the file names he gave them. (It seems pretty logical, that naming a file "01 - Download begins.wav", indicates that it is intended to be played for the "Download Begins" sound event.... And that a file named "02 - Download finished.wav" is meant for "Download Finished"....... etc. etc.) If YOU actually DO set all of your sounds to all of the files in his sound pack in this manner, at the end you will find a file named "13 - Typing notification.wav" and a menu setting named "Typing sound". Set the "Typing sound" event to the file "13 - Typing notification.wav" and you will find that every single time you hit a key on your keyboard while typing into a chat window, you will hear a high-pitched cat meowing. PLEASE do this on your computer! And then try having a conversation in public chat or a private message..... It sounds like someone shooting some kind of machine-gun-laser-kitten weapon.......... Type this way for about 60 seconds, and if at that point you haven't already gone back into the menu to turn it off, or shoved a pencil into your ears to stop the pain, then you can come back here and tell me that you think my comment was exaggerated or out of line....
  3. ApexDC++Sound - New version

    Are you f#$%ing serious??? A damn cat meowing every time I hit a key?!! Are you insane or just sadistic? :thumbsup:
  4. [1.0.1][Bug]Collapse All menu option bug

    Happens on mine too... 1.0.1, XP Pro SP2
  5. [1.0.1][Bug] New auto-scroll feature does NOT work properly

    Have no idea, sorry. I am just a lowly ApexDC user. :thumbsup: Don't have enough free time to play with multiple versions much, I just try to report things that I notice over a long period of time whenever I can to help out. Can somebody who has this other software confirm if it happens there too? I don't know if I'm allowed to post hub addresses here, but if so I can list a couple that I was using to test if you want.
  6. [1.0.1][Bug] Extra slot time lengths ignored

    I understand that it would not disconnect the current transfer, and would not expect it to. But I grant a user a slot for ten minutes, and now, three days later, his name is still pink...
  7. I noticed the removal of the Auto-scroll on/off feature on the right click menu with the release of the latest version, and the subsequent explanation of how it should work here on the forums. It seems like it sometimes works like that (ie. not moving the window if you're scrolled up some) if there's not a whole lot in the buffer, and you haven't scrolled up that far. But it just flat out doesn't work right when I try to test it after Apex has been open and running for a while. There's a couple hubs I used to test it out that have like Trivia bots or whatever running on them, because then I can be guaranteed to have a continuous flow of incoming text. This of course leads to thousands of lines of chat history in the window after a while. So I scroll up a bit, wait a few seconds and then *POP*.... the window scrolls to a seemingly random point in the log. It doesn't scroll up by the small amount of new text that was added at the bottom, it doesn't scroll up by one page worth or anything, just to a point WAAAAAY up in the list. The log DOES get cut off at the top eventually, so I'm assuming there's some internal cap on how much history it keeps. Perhaps reaching this limit is what causes this issue to appear. Here is what I've noticed so far: - If I scroll up 1 single line of text, it is ignored as if I haven't scrolled at all and just autoscrolls the window down when the next line appears. - If I scroll up TWO lines or more, the 1st jump goes up to about 35% down from the top of the log. The 2nd line causes it to jump up to about 10% down from the top. The 3rd jump goes to about 5%, and the 4th jump up to just under the top, maybe 1% down. After that, it either jumps all the way back down to the bottom and continues auto-scrolling like normal, or it remains at the very top of the log, and continues auto-scrolling from there, with lines that disappear off the top of the screen being erased entirely. With the Auto-Scroll Toggle feature removed from the menu, it is now physically impossible to read text from an earlier point in the log if there's active chat going on, because it will be continuously jumping to different places. Only way is to click on the little scroll bar thingy itself, and hold down the mouse button and as it jumps & keep trying to move the mouse down and return to the previous spot. Which of course is insane.
  8. This has been a bug from previous versions as well, but I didn't use the feature enough back then to remember to write about it previously. Basically the grant 'Extra Slots' menu might as well have only 2 options on it: 1) Grant Extra Slot, and 2) Remove Extra Slot. The 10 min, hour, day, week time frames appear to do absolutely nothing, as I've never had a slot that I've given to somebody go away on its own. It's always still active no matter how long I wait, and have to manually remove them.
  9. Hi there, I mentioned a bug in the previous Beta version in this post here in which trying to Move/Rename files that were greater than 0% completed would create Zombie entries in the original location, which would not go away when the file was completed, and could not be deleted. I just tested this action out again today, and found that the Move/Rename command no longer creates Zombies! Unfortunately, it doesn't do anything else anymore either, including moving the files... Move/Rename, select new location, hit OK.... and nothing changes. File still shows up in original location, does NOT show up in new location you just chose, and Path does not change in Transfers window on the bottom. It appears to have no effect whatsoever. :whistling:
  10. [1.0.0][Bug] Disappearing Queue Items

    Just wanted to add another clarification to my list above that I found today, and realized I hadn't tested before... Items DO get 'disappeared' when added to the Queue by Right-clicking on a File and selecting "Download to..." and then Browse, and then selecting a sub-folder of the Default D/L folder.
  11. [1.0.1][Bug] Small Problem

    Yeah, I don't like this change either. IP should copy just IP please! :)
  12. [1.0.0][Bug] Disappearing Queue Items

    I experienced the same problem a day or two ago with 1.0.1. After upgrading (and re-sharing all my folders), I connected to some hubs. First thing I tried to d/l was a Folder. Right-clicked on the Folder (on left side, dir tree window section) and selected "Download". Files in the folder immediately started d/l'ing, and to the correct location on the disk, but do not show up anywhere in the D/L Q window. Closing/re-opening D/L Q window does not fix it, nor does restarting Apex or the computer. Further testing shows that (on my computer at least) this "invisible queue" entries DO happen when: - Right-clicking on a Folder and selecting "Download" on either side of a user's file list window - Right-clicking on a Folder and selecting "Download to..." and selecting the Default D/L folder Does NOT happen when: - Double-clicking on a filename - Right-clicking on a Folder and selecting "Download to..." and selecting the anything other than Default D/L folder - Right-clicking on a File and selecting "Download" - Right-clicking on a File and selecting "Download to..." and selecting the Default D/L folder - Right-clicking on a File and selecting "Download to..." and selecting any other folder ALTHOUGH, while I was doing this testing, I did notice what I believe to be another new bug that I don't think used to happen. In the D/L Q window I sorted the default d/l folder by the Date "Added" column, and scrolled to the bottom so that I could see if the files I was trying to add were being added or not. I would go back to the User's file list window, try to add a file, and then go back to the D/L Q window. The file name's entry would NOT seem to be there, implying that it had not been added. However, clicking on the "Added" column 3 times to re-sort the list, or clicking off to a different folder and then back to the Default folder WOULD make the (file) entry appear there. (My default D/L folder's list is too long for me to be able to tell whether or not it was never being added at all until I re-sorted, or if it was just being stuck in the middle somewhere arbitrarily and only showing up in the right location after I re-sorted...)
  13. [BUG][1.0.0B5]

    Didn't seem to work. I tried d/l'ing some files from a user's list who was offline. The transfers never started (b/c he was offline), but I Paused them anyway. Then tried moving them to a new folder (sub-folder of the folder they were currently set to d/l to). It did the same thing where it created duplicate entries. I then tried to remove the original files, but it deleted the NEW folder from the tree view instead. When I checked the file path of the remaining entries, they showed up as being in the ORIGINAL folder, but their individual file paths were set to the NEW folder..... (ie. they were not showing up in the D/L Q dir tree where they were supposed to be) I tried deleting these files too, but they were now 'zombies' too, not responding to Delete key nor giving context menu when right-clicked...
  14. [BUG][1.0.0B5]

    Thing is tho, they don't disappear after restarting Apex. I've had files start u/l'ing that were finished d/l'ing before I restarted the whole computer before. Thanks, I'll give that a try & see what happens. Of course once they hit 100% it's not possible to do so anymore. I'm going to reboot tonight & see if they go away. It may have corrected itself eventually, but at the time that I tried fixing it, it had been stuck that way for DAYS, so I still consider it a bug... And I'm running XP SP2.
  15. [BUG][1.0.0B5]

    Hello all, I have three different bugs to report here. I'm running on WinXP, but I don't think it matters since none of them are crash-related, just unintentional program behavior. The first one I already mentioned in the Client Discussion forum here, and somebody said they would look into it, but I thought I'd list it here too since it appears to in fact be a bug. Basically the issue is that files that you download into a folder that is NOT supposed to be shared still remain searchable & uploadable, altho they don't appear in your File List. Second & third one are kind of similar, but still separate sections of the code I'd think. Both involve the Download Queue window. If I mark some files to be downloaded into a folder (the default d/l folder for instance, but not necessarily), and then later decide to "Move/Rename" them to a different folder after some portion of the file has already been d/l'd (whether currently in progress or not), it will create a new Download Queue entry in the new folder, but the one in the original location will remain there. Eventually when the file finishes d/l'ing, the entry in the new/correct location will (correctly) disappear, the actual file will be moved to the correct location on the disk, but the original D/l Q entry remains there, showing 100% d/l'd. It still shows how many users are online, and still tries to connect to them to d/l that file, but it never actually connects, sits on "Connecting..." The thing is, I can't get rid of these entries. Selecting them and hitting Delete key does nothing. Right-clicking on them doesn't even bring up the context menu. And since they were set to Auto priority handling, they're all set to Highest priority (since 100% is really really close to being done), so I can't d/l anything else from those users b/c it gets stuck trying to get these files. (The issue of it creating duplicate D/l Q entries when trying to Move files existed in the previous beta version too, but since they were rather large files I don't believe any of them finished d/l'ing under that version, so I don't know if the 'zombie' entries problem existed back then or not.) The last bug I've only seen once so far. Here's the scenario: I select several folders containing about 10-20 files each to all be downloaded from the same user. It d/l's most of them fine, but then for some reason it gets stuck on this one file. It has already successfully d/'d the file, as well as all of the other files in that folder, but in the Transfers window it shows that it's still trying to d/l it. (FYI- The only remaining files that it needs to d/l from that user were marked as Lowest priority. I think this may have something to do with it.) The kicker is, that not only does the file that it's trying to d/l not show up at all in the D/L Q, the folder that it's supposedly trying to d/l to doesn't show up either! There is no reference to this file anywhere in the D/L Q, yet it has dilligently tried to d/l it for several days. Whenever I checked it, the status of that xfer was always "No slots available", I'm not sure what status/error it would have said on the times when it actually got a slot, and I can't find any kind of "Misc Log" file that keeps track of that kind of stuff. The "Close Connection" and "Search for Alternates" cmds had no effect on that xfer when I clicked them. "Force Connection" would only change the status to "Connecting (forced)...", but got no further. Changing the remaining files' Priority to Highest and Forcing connect again appeared to do nothing either. I attempted to "Remove User From Queue", which it did from the remaining files on the Queue, but did not remove this xfer. That was a day or two ago. Today I tried it again, this time I set all the remaining files to Paused priority, then "Remove User from Queue". It seems to have worked b/c that user disappeared from the xfer window entirely. Then, re-adding that user to those files made him re-appear, trying to d/l the first file on the list (but of course still no slots available). Changing them all to Paused made him disappear again, so it seems to have fixed the problem, but it was quite annoying to figure out how.