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  1. Released: ApexDC++ 1.3.0

    While it doesn't really matter that much at this point if the program you run is x32 or not, I'm really happy and very proud about the x64 version, which i consider to be the future. Actually i think this is the first useful piece of software in 64 bits that was not developed by any big corporations (IE. adobe and such). Kudos to you guys, I'll just kick all my 8000 users with the reason 'install apex'. Joking, I'm really not that cruel.
  2. Spam Filter in PM's

    Yeah, i thought there was already an option that sends the filtered message in the active main chat window (just like a regular line of text) or like when you uncheck the "filter kick messages" and they show up on the chat afterwards. But i only thought that this option might already be and i just can't find the right setting for it, if it's not, i don't think it's worth the trouble for you to make it. It would be nice though to be able to click on a link if you find it interesting... and you can't do that if the line of text goes in the status bar:) Congratulations are in order for this very nice script, i personally don't *really really* need it since i only stay on one tiny hub, but I'm sure there are loads of users who will benefit from it. Later edit: Actually, i found that /as readspam [number] does exactly what i wanted, except it's not automatic, which is not a big deal, thank you for taking your time to answer me, it was most kind.
  3. Spam Filter in PM's

    Nice script, i installed it with no problems But I'd like to receive the *SPAM* message in the main chat (if possible?)and not in the status bar, any idea how to do that? i used the' /as texttomain on' option and still no change. Or to receive it in a separate pm window or something other than that status bar where i almost never look :whistling: Same thing happens with the /uptime reply but that's a whole different story i suppose and has nothing to do with your script. PS: Should i have asked this on the Lua Plugin 2.00 topic? if so, i apologise.
  4. I thought as much Well, I'll give it a try, even if it's far beyond my level (which is zero) But i like a challenge Thank you for help and the fast reply
  5. Well, it's a longshot but i thought I'd ask, just in case. Is there a way to change the options showing up when i right click a user? Basically I'd like to remove all the options i don't use, like: 'select user in list', 'send public message', 'match queue', 'add to favorites', 'select all' and 'clear chat', and have the kick option there (for fast access). thanks