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  1. Spam Filter in PM's

    Now, there is version 1.1, witch fully compatible with Apex 1.2.0 stabel. I made this "quick fix" of the sript, because when you newly install the new apex, Favorites.xml file is not present while you not add a hub or a user to the favlist. Now the script is detect that. Script and "how-to" file uploaded!
  2. Spam Filter in PM's

    Thanks! They will come, but i need ideas about what function needed te the script.
  3. Spam Filter in PM's

    Now we arrived to version 1.0 :whistling: New: -copytext function removed -complettly rewritted code, script size reduced to 3/4 -now able, to search back blocked PM. Type "/as readspam 25" - this will display the 25 th spam's text -line counting filter replaced with a character counting one, because line counting was not enough precise -some protocol handling improvements -mutch more information saved to spamsfile, like date, hub name and address, hub protcol Bugfix: spamsfile now again correct store the áéőú... chars *NOTE: delete old version's files
  4. Thanks. I tryd to find out, witch hub does this, but for some days, i won't got these spamming messages, maybe the hub owenr fixd his hub.
  5. Hi all! I'm use my antispam script, it's works fine when i'm on low number of hubs. When i enter 20-30 or more hub, the client -1.2.0B - in the debug section posts this message. It's must be an error, that IP addres is not my ip, and not belongs to any other pepole in the hubs, i checked this. I think, it's caused by an infinite loop. it's comes randomly, and stops randomly. (quite often comes this error when my script is blocks a PM)
  6. Spam Filter in PM's

    There is version 0.9 with great new things! NEW: Fully working interface, you can monitorize the script, add words to lists... (pic1) For now, the script log it's actions. (script create log file) (pic2) For this time, only the lua file is required, at first run, it will create the other txt files with the default settings and words. - please DELETE previous versions old files! Fix: Lot's of utf8 - nonutf8 isues fixed. -> Now correct nick ignoring, and correct handling of "áéőőűóöóű" and sepcial characters. Filtering is now more precise, because previous versions are not readed correctly the .txt files.
  7. Spam Filter in PM's

    Now, there is version 0.8 new: -the script is again compatible with BCDC++ fixed: - better UTF8 and non UTF8 text and nick handling - better usage of variabels in code - some english text corrected
  8. startup.lua

    I recommand minimum 1 script to be loaded in first time, without this, the users will have some difficulties. E.q uptime.lua is ideal for this.
  9. startup.lua

    +1 vote to include this starter to later Apex versions. But, there is one thing, it's need to be included the scriptlist.tbl fle witch contain the default scripts...
  10. Spam Filter in PM's

    There is Version 0.7! New function: Ignore by nick! If u don't want PM-s from somebody or a group, just write his nick, or some part of it's nick to a new Filternicks.txt file. This function is not equal with the ignore function witch introduced in ver 0.6, this function is usable to ignore all people, who's name contains unwanted things, like BOT bugfix: In HubPM event, no more error with the Favorites.xml file.
  11. Spam Filter in PM's

    There is version 0.6! New: -working ignore: if you add somebody to the client's ignorelist (settings/advanced/misc), the filter will instantly reject his PM, no matter what was it's text. I do this function, because the current version of apex do not block the ignored user's PM's. (This function only for Apex, BCDC++ not contains ignore fnction (i know, there is an ignore script written in lua for bcdc, but it's not a native function)). On Apex, ignored nicks stored in the DCPlusPlus.xml file) Improove: - Now using UTF8 when check for fav or ignored nicks. - Little simplier controling, now all /antispam command reduced to /as, like "/as wlist" instead off "/antispam wlist"
  12. Spam Filter in PM's

    Tehere is version 0.5! bugfix: now the script will listen to /fav instead of \fav new function: - Favorites: If you add a user to the favorites list, the script will not block his PM's (works instantly, not required to restart the client when you add a user to favs) - some default functions now reads from the filtersettings.txt file while client's start. (copytext function, filter function, long pm lines number)
  13. Spam Filter in PM's

    Thanks guys! :thumbsup: My next task is, to prevent filtering Favorite users, this will be included in version 0.5 soon. Is required function to make switchable this fucntion, or enough good, to leave the script out of consideration of Fav's PM's? I will put the default settings to a file, witch will bee editable like spamwords. Maybe it will also included in version 0.5 Maybe ver 0.6 will contain the add/remove functions correctly to the spamwords and the settings list.
  14. Spam Filter in PM's

    There is version 0.4! - improoved filtering (mutch less double filtering), now using UTF-8 character set when the source is not utf-8 - control interface - now the script don't copy the spam contant to the hub's main chat, to prevenet Apex's client spamming detection. - the script copy the spam content to a txt file in the scripts folder, and the file content is stored for the next start contorl interface: the "add" and the "remove" is not jet functional, but other thing works fine!
  15. Spam Filter in PM's

    I removed the old versions... Next version will bee include a user interface witch will allow to add/remove words to the list + display the words from list, and an on/off switch. I think about a new function, witch checks the pm text, and if the filter paste it's text to the hub, will not paste it anymore.
  16. Spam Filter in PM's

    There is version 0.3! With a greatly rewrited code, there is the new wersion! most important: --- the script uses a Filter.txt file, witch contains the words what you do not want to see, and it's easly editable, just add a word in a new line to the file. --- some other improovements on displaying why not allowed the pm. The script tells the first word witch they findes first. (or "too mutch line" if not finds any not wanted words but the pm is too long... ) --- the TXT file, and a FAQ is packed to the uploaded .rar file. --------------- To do: -Don't check FAV's -From client add/remowe words to Filters.txt -What you sad... :thumbsup: ---------------- Known isues: -if too mutch pm's blocked (5-10+) at the same time, apexDC says "someone trying to use your client to spaming..." - it's Apex specific, because BCDC++ won't says that. -some bots not ignored - Thats FIXED, I uploaded a new file
  17. Spam Filter in PM's

    This line is not good in BotledHate's code: local s,e,favnick = string.find(line, "<User Nick=\"(.-)\"") If u try it, change to this: local s,e,favnick = string.find(line, "Nick=\"(.-)\"") With this modification, it's reads out the names correctly, but without the "break", it's runs more than one times.
  18. Spam Filter in PM's

    That will be a good feature on the future, thanx to mentioned it. Now i had problems with some script from BotledHate. They have a script, witch reads out the nicks from the Favorites.xml. --//load DC++ favorite users into talble (LUA5 BCDC / DCDM only) --// easily modded to do other things. --// returns a table in the format {["nick1"] = 1, ["nick2"] = 1, ["nick3"] = 1, ... } the names are hashed function loadFavUsers() local start=0 local favUsers={} for line in io.lines("Favorites.xml") do if string.find(line, "</Users>") then return favUsers [b]break[/b] end if start ==1 then local s,e,favnick = string.find(line, "<User Nick=\"(.-)\"") favUsers[favnick] = 1 end if string.find(line, "<Users>") then start=1 end end When the break is in the code, the lua says "end" excepted. Without the brake it runs, but had some problem. --filtering dcpp:setListener( "pm", "pmlistener", function( hub, user, text ) if not favUsers[user:getNick()] then filteringg script from v0.2... .. . couple of ends So if the break is not in the code, it runs, but not care about who is favorite user, filter all PM-s. Uploaded the file for testing.
  19. Lua Plugin 1.3 Beta

    There is one kind of antispam filter, witch monitorize the nubmer of lines in pm, and if the number is biger than 1, it's block the PM, and put it's sender's nick and the massage to the main chat of the sender's hub. (not sends, just you will see) When i'm usingDC++, i'm online in 25-30 hubs, that means 15 unwanted PM's. The script i uplaoaded (why can't upload .lua diretctly?) is block 12 PM from 15. Not bad for first try, but it's need some work... I think it will be good an on/off switch, max line definition "on the fly", word search (/fav). So if someboy have ideas, pls. post it. The script tested on actual version of bcdc++ EDIT: works with ApexDC++ 1.2.0b!!! - pictures included --based on lwolf's script, edited by Patch local maxline = 2 local hubtofilter = "" dcpp:setListener( "pm", "antispam", function( hub, user, text ) local ret = false if string.find(string.lower(hub:getHubName()),hubtofilter) then local sorveg = 0 if string.find(text,"\n") then local fpos = 1 local apos = 0 while fpos do apos = apos + 1 fpos = string.find(text,"\n",apos) apos = fpos sorveg = sorveg + 1 if sorveg >= maxline then ret = true hub:addLine("PM blocked from " .. DC():ToUtf8(user:getNick()) .." **" ) hub:injectChat("PM text: " .. text .." **" ) DC():PrintDebug( " ** " .. "PM blocked from " .. DC():ToUtf8(user:getNick()) .." **" ) break end end -- while end end end return ret end ) DC():PrintDebug( " ** Loaded anti-spam filter v0.1 **" ) edit: Atached file deleted, because there is the version 0.2 in the other topic...
  20. Lua Plugin 1.3 Beta

    "ignore.lua -- makes possible to (un)ignore someone from the chat" It's works from an ignorelist. Witch i mentioned is scan the pm text for unwanted words like viagra,sex,fav or too mutch lines...
  21. Lua Plugin 1.3 Beta

    OMG, i won't see that! Tryd without te --, but nothing seems to be changed.
  22. Lua Plugin 1.3 Beta

    I placed the folders, then run apexdc, after that i see the Clientside lua scripting on the plugins menu, but nothing more happens. I guess, the startup.lua script start other scripts witch in the \Scripts folder, but it won't do... If i will write a new script, i had to place it to the script folder, but if i want to start it, i shoud edit the end of the startup.lua file like this? --dofile( DC():GetAppPath() .. "scripts\\myscript.lua" ) I will try to write an antispam script, because the ignore command not work on bots, and after several years of DC usage, i simply don't want to get PM's like "/fav" or advertisments...