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  1. Spam Filter in PM's

    Your ApexDC is installed to the Application Data folder? When you got the error u used the "/as readspam #" command?
  2. Spam Filter in PM's

    Uptime.lua and Log.lua works fine with Apex 1.3.1, i think, these scripts came from BCDC++, but quite old scripts. I think, nobody porting scripts from BCDC to Apex. I will post these scripts, and maybe other working scripts to the forum, after some tryout. ***update - my log.lua is older than wich included in actual bcdc. The newer version not works.
  3. Spam Filter in PM's

    Sorry for my late react. lua5.1.dll - lua51.dll - These files come from where? These files are not present in my apex installation. Try 1 thing: delete all of the .txt files, then lanch the client. My script will generate these files, and maybe you will se some information in the systemlog. (from the view menu in apex's menu bar)
  4. Spam Filter in PM's

    How many times get this error? What is your client, and lua plugin version? Line 179 is the start of the menu listener, it will catch your /as or /antispam massages from main chat. I thested it on current 1.3.1 x64, works well.
  5. Spam Filter in PM's

    With the lua plugin 1.3.0 can't. The chat listener is not work in that release. With the next lua plugin release i think can be done your idea.
  6. Spam Filter in PM's

    "Text to main" copies the whole spam to the main chat window (to the spammer's hub main chat window). I think, you just want single line in main chat window like: "AS filter blocked spam form [xyz]userxyz". I can do this, but it will display only in the spammer's hub main chat. So that line not displayed in other hub's main chat window. That's why we use the status bar. Maybe i can put some sound to the script.
  7. Spam Filter in PM's

    Now, there is version 1.3! bugfix: Works without Faworites.xml file (bcdc++ related) Improvement: - now fully working menu - will not send "/as fgdfgd" commands to hub
  8. Spam Filter in PM's

    Other scripts works fine? (uptime, bier)
  9. Spam Filter in PM's

    Now, there is version 1.2 This version contains some bugfixes: Now the PM type (hubPm or normalPm) displayed correctly in the filterspams.txt. Now there is no more double display (ignore and spaming) when ignoreing somebody by using ignorelist. Maybe next version will contain an auto silencer, because some bot sends their spams in every 2-3 minutes.
  10. ApexDC++ Translations

    Apex 1.2.0 Final HUNGARIAN language file link
  11. Spam Filter in PM's

    Now i figured out, what's caused the error. So there is version 1.11, witch runs fine with Apex 1.2 final and Lua2.0 We coud go back to the developement, what functions shoud i implement? I need ideas...
  12. Lua Plugin 2.00

    Now, i know what caused the error! This is not needed any more: DC():ToUtf8(user:getNick()), because the nicks are good without this. I writed a simple script, wtich just record all PM to the spamsfile. This nicks recorded without the DC():ToUtf8(user:getNick()) thing: [-CooL-BoT-] ««S•O•L•A•R•I•O•N»» »»D•I•A•B•L•O«« !ŔŐŇ
  13. Lua Plugin 2.00

    I removed all DC():FromUtf8() and DC():ToUtf8() from my script, but the access violation error in lua still present.
  14. Hashmanager crash

    OMG please delete this topic. My problem on the small P3 computer was caused by a bad memory. OS seemd stabel, but i changed my memory set, and the hashing works fine. :angry:
  15. Lua Plugin 2.00

    I think, you will get the crash only, if u got a spam PM from that probleme hub. I found other hubs, and i find something intresting. (crash) dchub:// dchub:// dchub:// On solarion and Diablo, the caracters are bad on open hublist. Solarion and diablo uses PtokaX DC Hub, thecowbwebnet uses verlihub 0.9.8c I uploaded my script's PM output from these hubs. (from under bcdc++) All of them contains idiotic characters in text or sander name or hub name, maybe it will help. Filterspams.rar