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  1. The speed column for users I'm uploading to only displays multiples of 4.57 (32 divided by 7) kB/s. If the connection is slow, it will show 0 while data is still going. This also affects the Time left column.
  2. Why forcing ApexDC++ update?

    It did, as I already posted. It also didn't take long to figure out how to get it running again. To me, when you accept a public beta, you are accepting that the software may contain undiscovered bugs, not limits on its use just because it's called "beta" or a promise to use any particular beta version. A good citizen will try them and report bugs, which I do. I've run betas that work for years. Linksys router firmware and Nvidia video drivers are good examples of companies that put out a lot of betas, some of which work well and get used long term. It simply means it isn't well tried and tested.
  3. Why forcing ApexDC++ update?

    Half the people on the private hub I use are still using it, including me. :)
  4. [1.0B4] Can't use B4 any more?

    I've searched for some mention of this and can't find any. When I run beta 4, it checks for a new version, notifies me, puts up an error saying "Bad ApexDC++ version" and something about "your version has a serious bug" and then closes the whole program. What's the deal? I had no problems with B4 and do have problems with B5, one of the most annoying of which is that it incorrectly reports upload speeds, especially if low.
  5. please help, cant get into any hubs

    Someone in another thread mentioned that setting Bind Address-Network Interface ... under Connections to got it to work.
  6. Why forcing ApexDC++ update?

    Not without a good reason. :thumbsup: I'll stick with B4 for now.
  7. Why forcing ApexDC++ update?

    How about re-enabling B4 until B5 stabilizes more. If there's some way that B4 harms the network, let's hear details so we know why we have to go back to 0.4.0.
  8. [1.0B4] Can't use B4 any more?

    Oh, cool. Everyone running P2P should have some kind of QoS. I have Tomato in my router which does a good job of that. It doesn't give me individual user speeds or when they will finish, though.
  9. [1.0B4] Can't use B4 any more?

    There's no way to do it in the GUI. You can turn off notification but that just disables the program completely as it now just errors out immediately on load instead of after the notification. It takes an xml edit to put it back. But where there's a will, there's a way. If anyone knows how to disable the update check, email me. Well I just like to know for one thing, and it's nice to have some idea of when an upload will finish for another. Yes, I know you can't rely on it for various reasons but it usually gave a fairly good estimation. Not any more. What's cFos?