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  1. customizable cache size

    Thanx. I've been using DC software for 7 years by now and that totally escaped me Write buffer size should be modified, right ?
  2. customizable cache size

    Well, maybe it would be useful beeing able to customize the cache size for ApexDc operation (just like uTorrent has), in order to lower impact on HDD and CPU. In my normal operation, when DLing/ULing with 50 mbs, Apex eats less than 50 MB RAM but 15-25% CPU, and Norton warns me about high disk usage. When using uTorrent (cache of 256 MB) , at faster speeds and much more slots, less HDD/CPU are used (and total memory going up to 300-350 MB, but I have 3 gigs of it, so no problem).
  3. 2 features. (just two!)

    Well, it would be nice , but it would be weired too By the way, have you heard something lately about the man behind RevConnect project ? He got tired of working on free software, or what ? He was a nice guy, I guess.
  4. 2 features. (just two!)

    Well, considering the alternatives, I'll stick to the future release of version 1.0 FINAL , of APC. As far as Kademlia is concerned, I guess rare files can be searched with eMule or something like that. Thanx for replies.
  5. 2 features. (just two!)

    First, search results contain same users many times, because they're connected, obviously, to more than one hub ). This creates confusion because the real number of people who have what the search is about is much lower than showed. Plus, Apex treates them as different users, and creates multiple download slots from the same user. Which is weired, and quite unfair for these users, I guess, and wastes some bandwidth as well. In this matter, the way DC++ or RevConnect do it seems to me be, at least more...natural ) Second, is an issue which is very delicate. Kademlia. The way RevConnect implemented it is just working very well. Sometimes I get sources not beeing connected to any hub ) Unfortunately, RevConenct developer kind of abandoned the project. That doesn't mean that I dont admire ApexDC , of course ), in fact, I've used StrongDC since long back in time. But Kademlia is a very disputable feature I guess, so is not that important. But my first issue I think is the only reason I don't exclusively use Apex as my direct connect tool. Regards, and good luck to you new future Apex release.