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  1. I turn on my computer and everything uploads and downloads very fast. The school has us wired with 10Mb/s lines. After a while of being connected to the hub, my speeds will suddenly drop to close to 0. (under 10kb/s). This doesn't just affect apex dc, it brings any website to a crawl, and when I manually ping a site, it times out. When I bring up the graph of the network traffic, it has this pattern to it: which may help you guys figure out my problem, or may not. Suspiciously, the last time I was "capped" it happened just as my total uploaded+ total downloaded was 10 gigs I have tried releasing and renewing my Ip, but that doesn't fix it, and nothing else is connected to the internet (used netstat to check). The only thing I have found that fixes the problem is restarting my computer. Does anyone have any ideas on things I can try? edit:I think the 10 gigs was just a coincidence ( since it was actually 10.11 GB), it just happened again, but this time, the total was 5.49 gigs total, but it was running for exactly half an hour +- 30 seconds the whole time uploading/downloading very fast. Ill restart again and try to get more info.
  2. On the hub where I spend most of my time, I almost never have all my slots empty. When people are downloading from me, most of the time one person seems to be hogging all of the bandwidth from the other 2 downloaders (3 slots). So one person is downloading at 90% of my upload speed and the others are sharing the other 10%. I know that it is not just that they have slow connections because right when the fast one finishes, the bandwidth then divides between the others. I couldn't find any options that would let me limit the download speed per person. The best solution would be to have it set to ((max download speed)/(upload slots - open slots)).