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  1. SFV Support

    Look at the number of views of this thread! There is clearly a huge demand/interest for such a feature! and its just a extension of the already implemented crc check code ... Plugin or not doesn't matter. As long as you get the functionality.
  2. SFV Support

    Oh boy, you are really missing the point here. It's obvious that you are not a active dc users in anything but public hubs. Yes a complete release is in this context well defined! And its the first thing one bases a eventual nuke upon. The SFV file! Tada... The sfv file is a check sum that you use to verify that you have all the rar files and that they are intact.Hence why not use it ? Right now only the crc checking is done. Every single SFV check program checks for complete releases... if a file is missing there will be a log of that or even a file created in its place with the extension .missing. Well since you cant see the point of utilizing sfv to more then 50%, let me put it in simple terms. User X get a release written to a directory that is shared( via manual copying or ftp) when a refresh is schedualed the DC client check each file against the checksum and if its ok its shared, if not its not shared. And why not fully utilize the sfv? dont share each file directly only share each file in that directory if all files are ok. This would mean that you could share a incoming directory and hence it would spread releases faster! and wont require manual labour (as in moving sfv checked releases into a shared directory) ... It's all about sharing! Automating the steps makes life a better place for us all A question for you, have you every downloaded a release and when its done just realizing it was a incomplete share that you downloaded? Now you have to search for that release again and start dl again to get the missing files! Extremely annoying and a waste of time.
  3. SFV Support

    fuldc et. al. already checks dl files against the sfv. what we want is a feature that ensures that only complete releases are hased into the share, there is no such program. you would need a program that changed a rel directorry name and adds incomplete and add incomplete to your skiplist. but that wont be good since you would alter the relase name :)
  4. SFV Support

    Verifying that only complete releases get hashed into the share by the sfv would be a invaluable feature for many hubs! If there's a missing or broken file that directory wont be added to the share. Its as valuable as TTH sums...
  5. AML ADL RAR hubs

    I will soon release a 1.8 version of the original ADL search , but I wont release a 2.0 until theres better support for regular expressions in the clients. I have no problems that you use my ADL toast, just add appropriate source credit