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  1. Sometimes i reorganize my shared files and therefor they need to be rehashed. If the size exceeds a certain level i move the files and afterwards edit the hashindex.xml replacing the old paths with the new ones. Is there a possibility to implement this into a feature?
  2. parallel hashing

    There is one feature i wished for the last time i had to rehash my complete share. On powerful PCs a feature starting one hash-thread per physical drive would greatly reduced the time needed for hashing. On less powerful PCs it wouldn't do anything good, therefor it should be optional.
  3. "windows-1252" language bug?

    ok, that means the problem is within the german language file. i only tried different german versions, but not different languages. italian works just fine as you said. EDIT: ok, there was an error within the xml code, i fixed it, but i'd like to know why this problem appears in v1.3 the first time "<String Name="SetstrongdcBlackWhite">Schwarz & Weis</String>" there seems to be a problem with the '&'... i deleted it and it works problem solved
  4. "windows-1252" language bug?

    on version 1.2.2 the language file worked just fine, on 1.3 the language will always stay english. i did as you said and saved the file as utf-8... same as before
  5. "windows-1252" language bug?

    i have a similar problem, the language does not function at all. i tried with both (x86 and x86-64) builds, but nothing happens. i also startet ApexDC without the old setting files and different language files... the result was the same, no matter which language file i use
  6. Released: ApexDC++ 1.3.0

    thx for the new release and your great work.