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  1. What the **** is this ****? Just upgraded the binary to 1.1.0 and my whole queue.xml list (HUGE) is suddenly wiped out, no backup file either! :)
  2. Mark existing files when searching

    hard to code; why? seems to me most of the dirty work is already implemented with existing hashing and trigger-mechanisms. what we need is to make this into a module that is portable and flexible. as said; I'm no programmer, but it seems to me that what has to be done revolves around existing code + some clever, creative implementation of this - and it sure as hell would be worth the while :)
  3. Mark existing files when searching

    Perhaps you could be so kind as to move this to the feature request section, zlobo? (hence, I know i ****ed up )
  4. Mark existing files when searching

    yes, yes. so what we need is simply a program/module to create TTH-sums of selected files (and preferably also queue lists) and the possibility to import/export these TTH lists in ApexDC so that it can be triggered during search. and a option to manage queue lists in the way that you can join/merge them, search for duplicates ect. you get the drift.... would seriously KICK ASS!!! since file/filelist managing is singlehandedly the most pain in the ass aspect about the whole DC-thing besides stupid hubowners. I'm getting seriously exited already - when can we expect this great set of functions that we've all missed? edit: would also be great if we could create NO-lists too. Choose a file and add it to a "ban-list" so that it shows up red or something if it hits in the search field. in this way we could keep TOTALLY control of what files we want, have and avoiding any issues with file-renaming as well since it's all based on TTH. I would donate if we could see such a feature :)
  5. Mark existing files when searching

    Why? would it need to scan the whole harddrive? Seems to me what we need is simply to generate the TTH info on all the _selected_ files/directories and then implement a function in ApexDC that triggers on those TTH's and do the appropriate action - colour-tag them. I'm no programmer, but it doesn't seem all that complicated, and it would really be a great function ex. if one could import and merge TTH-lists on my laptop with all the files i have on my desktop, portable etc. and in that way simplify filelibrary-handling when searching. And if one has like me - two instances of ApexDC running because i have separate instances of filelist, hashdata etc. in them, it also would be great if one could implement a trigger on the files in the queue of each instance, to keep track of duplicates. Can this be worked out? Pretty-please with cherry on top? Think a LOT of people would appreciate this feature and it would truly make ApexDC unique n' even more kickass than ever before in history...
  6. A very convenient feature in ApexDC is that it marks out files (colour) that i have in my share when searching og browsing other users filelist. So that I don't download duplicates or files that I forgot that I already had (ex. pictures or mp3 files). Is it possible to do this to files that are NOT in my share as well? For example; If i have a share with "MOVIES1" plus a catalog called "c:\MOVIES2" that I don't share. Is it possible to get the same recognition and tagging of files that are in "MOVIES2" when searching or browsing other fileshares, as i get with "MOVIES1"? I hope this made sense :huh:
  7. How to merge two queue lists?

    allright guys, thanks for the input. will make a backup, copypaste the queue etc. when I recieve my new WD MyBook 1tb drive if anyone has something to add, by all means...
  8. How to merge two queue lists?

    Thank's for replying, zlobo. I suppose you are talking about the Queue.xml files? My guess is they are fairly easy to merge due to their simple xml-structure which basically when I open them in Wordpad seems to consist of a "TTH" and "filename" reference for each file. I'm not sure however if a simple copy-paste would work out here? But what about the "hashindex.xml", "hashdata.dat" files? The "hashdata.dat" files are both in the 2-300mb range. The "hashindex.xml" files are in the 20-40mb range. Are there any others with this problem? I would guess so - users wanting to merge the DC version they use on their laptop with desktop for instance. A step-by-step guide would really be appreciated. I'm sure the developers have thorough knowledge about how these DC-components work. If it consist of basic file merging, it sounds likely that it would be fairly easy to write a small script where one enters the path of the files to merge and then the script handles the rest. Maybe this could be a built in function?
  9. How to merge two queue lists?

    Because I would have to connect twice to every hub. And get kicked for multiple connections. And then of course it's much neater to have it all in one place.
  10. How to merge two queue lists?

    Hi Currently I've got two different ApexDC installations on two separate partions. This is unpractical because I can only run one instance of DC at a time, and have lots of waiting time on most of the files. Could I somehow merge the two separate queue list, hashdata, incomplete files etc. into one, so I could have all in one place? I would suppose so, since it's based on XML, but I don't know how it would go about. I really don't want to make a mess out of this, so could one of you guys please write a small step-by-step guide?