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  1. I updated to Beta 5 and I'm really annoyed that my windows aren't remembering their positions and sizes like they did in Beta 4 and previous. When I open the program, all windows are maximized. Restoring one window causes them all to become restored to a smaller size, but they are cascaded nicely in one corner and don't take up their previous positions or sizes. If I open any other window, such as search, that window then opens fullscreen, causing all other windows to open fullscreen until you restore one. This would be all fine and dandy because I know its beta software, but the fact that I can't remain using Beta 4 really pisses me off. I tried Beta 5 when it was first previewed, and I went back after seeing this bug. Today, when ApexDC++ told me that Beta 4 had a "serious bug" and that I had to upgrade, I did so with the assumption that the current Beta 5 had been fixed since that initial preview. And now they're forcing us to upgrade. Whatever.