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  1. I would like to see refresh file list to be able on just one keyboard button, instead on ctrl+E to be for example on F5, like in 0.4 version of peer web. Thanks and Cheers !! :(
  2. Released: ApexDC++ 0.2.1

    Lee, I tried to crash it with pop up preview, when client is minimized, and with long messages, and it wont crash, I think its OK now. Thanks :)
  3. Can u put cancel button in the Virtual Name box, I noticed that when I want to share something, in the menu that goes after I chose folder to share, in the box which name is VIRTUAL NAME, it is not possible to cancel choice with X button. Thanks.
  4. 1st Apex 0.2.0 Crash =(

    as u wish bruce (lee) :P
  5. 1st Apex 0.2.0 Crash =(

    Maybe pop up baloon cant show such a long text and it crashed. Though peerweb was able to show in pop up baloon long messages.
  6. 1st Apex 0.2.0 Crash =(

    I PM-ed them to you, first 2 are when it first crashed, then it didnt crash at all with short messages, but then I figured that only longer message crashed apex, so my friend purposly sent me last 2 long messages which caused 2 crashes. All time, apex is minimized to tray.
  7. 4-5 Segments Problem

    wrong reply on wrong tiopic, plz delete it.
  8. 1st Apex 0.2.0 Crash =(

    When I got PM from friend that is little longer, I mean with lots of text, it crashed always, so try someone to send u longer PM, here is screen of message that goes after crash happened. Also my apex dcc is minimized to tray before message arived. P.S. I hope this helps :crying: Cheers !!
  9. 1st Apex 0.2.0 Crash =(

    Me, it happened 2 times when my friend sent me PM. Now I uninstalled and installed again, so I will see if it will repeat.