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  1. I wanna bump these 2 feature requests as they seem to have been forgotten, and I for one really want the always on top option.
  2. Internet slang

    I avoid using it in general, on occasions it is easier to use and I only ever use the very common ones like lol, atm, afk and one or two others. I just feel you are being lazy not typing in proper English and making it easy for the other user(s) to understand what you are saying, but then again I am anal regarding punctuation and grammar.
  3. Not on a 'per (fav) hub' setting, only a global one which means if you want it enabled in one hub but not another, you need to manually set it each time you open up that hub.
  4. I would like to request that you can specify non-maximised windows to be "always on top", as I usually have 2 hubs vertically tiled and when I get a pm I either lose it behind everything, have to resize or end up maximising everything defeating the object. With this feature you could stick a new pm window on top while you carry on chatting in the other windows, while still being able to have a pm conversation. Also, would it be possible to get a "Show joins on/off" option in the favourite hubs settings? As while I like having it on for certain hubs, it's just not an option to have it on in large hubs as it completely takes over the chat window. It would be nice to have it in there as otherwise you have to remember to change it for certain hubs and being human it isn't always done and you can miss users if you rely on it.