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  1. Released: 8 million downloads, 1.4.3 is here

    I'm experiencing the same error. I can't launch the program; it immediately closes it whether I click "OK" to the dialog, or I close the window. I tried installing 1.4.2 over my new install, and the program does the same thing. Reinstalling 1.4.3 doesn't fix things either. BTW I'm running Vista 32 bit.
  2. Hi, I don't know if this is a "feature request" or "tell me how to do it"... I have the client configured to highlight (bold) the tab text when there is a change (i.e. someone types in a message tab, something is added/removed on a queue tab). The change from regular to bold text is sometimes not very noticeable, especially if I am accessing my screen remotely. Is it possible to change the definition of what "highlighting" is, for this behavior? I.e. could I configure the client so that the text would change to red when this happens, rather than being bold in the same color? Many thanks, - Snard