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  1. Downgrade from 1.01 to 0.40

    Force upgrading = Client change :whistling: In fact, no user has to bear with a support, calling him dumb.
  2. @Sherifa - Fixed! Май е станало при прехода към Огнена Лисица 3.
  3. ADL Search

    Пробвайте да разгледате това: http://zr.hopto.org/!ALL/Apex%20-%20for%20My%20OPs.zip
  4. Cannot Download in Any Mode

    Well, to be indeed 100% sure, can you ask your brother to bring his laptop (in case he uses laptop of course) and try your connection?
  5. Linux ApexDC++

    Really great news, I know I am not involved in the funds, but imHo netcelli should get the reward with honours! My next dream is unleashed! Anyone up to write Apex Mobile for pocket PC? I'd love to have it on my Qtec 9000 running Win Mobile 6.1. If the present Linux client works on some small Linux distro, which works on the Qtec, it will be fine too.
  6. Cannot Download in Any Mode

    That's the spirit. ;)
  7. BUG: Download section

    Please lets do some decent bug/problem report form, forcing users to describe their PCs a bit. Last time I proposed this even the echo was off. ;)
  8. DC++ 0.709.1 Released !

    And I am OK too, since I hope that this will push more hub devs in the right direction.
  9. "По-официално и на "Вие", и добре сложено е "Предпочитани" да е. Ясно, че "любими" е по-userfriendly, но... Също и де да беше само него ред:" Официална форма на прилагателни? А и не разработваме програма за хора с по пет+ научни титли, че да е на строго на "Вие". smile.gif Любими е по-точният и по-кратък превод (предпочитани би било preferred imo) Освен това, в редовете където "любими" не пасва, може да се получи омонимия, което ще е доста зле. Например "Настройки на предпочитанията" си е ок, другите би могло да са любими. Използвал съм далеч по-грозни трикове, например "Добре" и "Ъм, не" за диалоговите бутони, само защото Алт+Ъ = Алт+C (Cancel). biggrin.gif П. С. Българският език е велик! Язък че аз съм прост и ми отне толкова време! "ПОДБРАНИ" и даже "ОТБРАНИ" хъбове и потребители.
  10. Lecture Line

    Can someone tell us how, in details? :)
  11. Cannot Download in Any Mode

    True, but we can discuss about FTP and other sources just technically, we cannot know what is stored on each separate server, can we? It is just a user mistake if he accidentally interprets us wrong. :)
  12. All Download Slots Taken

    The downloader has limited (too much) the number of simultaneous downloads on his side. Settings>Downloads.
  13. Multiple filelist uploads

    All Greg said is right, small upload slots are slots for files up to "You specify how large" in size, so that a user does not have to wait days for a single 1MB file if your regular upload slots are taken. A slot for filelist download is always granted automatically tho.
  14. Crash on start, was working prior

    Reported this too long ago I believe. Was maybe even before 0.4.0, afaicr BM fixed it then. :)
  15. ADL Search

    Да, свързани са. ADLS е средството, RAW e автоматичното му прилагане. Надявам се довечера да ми остане време да едитна тук кратко указание. Едит: Да живее мързела! Намерих цял съавтор може би. Ти си Токси! Едит 2: 11.04.08 04:50 Невольо? :unsure:
  16. What Does This Mean?

    Imo these are two separate issues: 1. The file is missing on the peer's computer, since Apex should be able to create a path on your computer. Still ensure Apex has the rights to access and write in the directory in question (if on Vista, turn off UAC). 2. About the IP - you probably need a GeoIP database update. Download via Help menu and extract the content in /Settings, replacing the old one. Upon restart, you will have a more up-to-date IP info. Still, some IPs are just not recognized, do not worry.
  17. [1.0.1] How to retain searches in memory?

    Too search-spammy...
  18. Cannot Download in Any Mode

    It is a setting in Apex DC++ and most cliens, under Settings>Advanced I think. It should mask P2P traffic.
  19. Cannot Download in Any Mode

    Well, I guess you have the needed experience, so if they say "it's not our problem, P2P file sharing is not legal and we don't have to guarantee it working", "it is not your obligation to use their services". Later your brother can change, etc... :thumbsup: I assume you have tried with checks on "Send garbage on incoming/outgoing connections"?
  20. Compiling ApexDC++

    OK, to be precise, I would like to have the functionalities of 1.0.1 + horizontal view, so if smo has compiled already... :thumbsup:
  21. Cannot Download in Any Mode

    Hello, To narrow the problem, are your nearby friends able to download with torrent and DC++? Do you have a router, some routers share the modem box. For me Wi-Fi is not descriptive enough... Basically, for downloading is responsible the TCP port, also check that Apex is allowed via your firewall software (better use third-party firewall and turn off XP one).
  22. Compiling ApexDC++

    If someone is able to compile latest Apex 1.0.1 with patched STL (I am actually interested in having horizontal view option back), I will be grateful to receive the client. Thanks in advance. :thumbsup:
  23. Help me plz !

    afaik this is not possible. I am also not happy about it, we had a topic before a time.
  24. Браво! Надявам се да го погледна в петък/събота, понеже сега се разправям с изпити и реферати. Eдит: Ще е гадно! :thumbsup: Много ще се радвам, ако имаш някакъв работен документ, например таблица, отляво на английски, отдясно на БГ. Две бързи: 1. "Предпочитани" да се замени с "Любими" 2. Да намерим начин левия панел на прозореца за настройки да е БЕЗ хоризонтален скрол. Като цяло може да се скъсят някои стрингове, например бутонът "Съответствие" = "Съвпадение" и ще се събира точно. Преводът иначе е много качествен, нещо за което все не успявах да отделя време и безкрайно се радвам, че сме близо до реализация. Всичките ми бележки са съвсем добронамерени и се се надявам и други да се вкючат. Каквото открия, ще правя едит тук.
  25. can get connection on UDP but not TCP in active mode

    Yes, observed it many times, kind of "latency with MS firewall". That's why I recommend not using it at all. There are enough free good firewalls anyway.