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  1. Close button

    Sorry to revive a dead thread, but while looking for this feature among the THOUSANDS of features that are all scattered and unorganized in the options menu, and not being able to find it, I googled for an answer on how to have ApexDC++ minimize when pressing the Close button. I think ifmn touched upon the reason for this feature request: comfort. Like all other download clients I've come across, they all have this feature available, and most of them have it set up by default. For example, emule, limewire, and azureus. Implementing a feature that may seem 'worthless, redundant, and confusing for novices' is actually not the correct way to approach the situation. Seeing as all other clients have this feature enabled by default, you're only accepting the trend on which download clients are headed -- running in the background, even after presumably being closed. Nonetheless, the feature doesn't have to be on by default and it's not like it will be easy for a novice to find among all endless list of other features :stuart: So will you have another look at this idea?